20 Different Pickup Lines Types You Should Know

Pick up lines are all about making a first impression. Using a pick up line is the art of delivering a well-prepared remark to start a conversation with strangers.

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, starting a conversation with a stranger can make you feel awkward, anxious, and nervous. Sometimes all you need is a cute pickup line that makes it easier to break the silence.

Here we have discussed 20 pick up lines types you can use to make yourself look more outgoing based on the situation or the person you are approaching to.

1. Romantic and Sweet Pick Up Lines

Out of all kinds of pick up lines, romantic and sweet pick up lines are the most common ones. These pick up lines are a great way to show that you have a romantic side while melting the receiver’s heart with sweet words.

Romantic pick up lines tend to be sweet, natural, and impressive without trying to sound cheesy and funny.

2. Love Pick Up Lines

As the name suggests, love pick up lines are the ones that implies you love him or her.

It is also similar to romantic pickup line and shows how much you love and care about the other person. Love Pick up lines are most commonly used by men to impress women.

3. Funny Pick Up Lines

Funny pick up lines are the best way to check the sense of humor of another person while getting to know each other.

Starting a conversation with a good laugh is always fun. People like to listen to some flirting lines with a appropriate level of comedy.

4. Flirting Pick Up Lines

Flirting pick up lines includes some seductive lines or coy words. People find such pick up lines cute because everyone loves to flirt sometimes.

Expressing your interest to your crush directly or indirectly is possible through cute and funny flirting pick up lines. 

5. Smooth Pick Up Lines

Smooth pick up lines are very polite, smart, slick, gently persuasive and confident. 

These are the well-calculated and polished lines to impress your crush in a charming manner.

6. Best and Good Pick up Line

Best pick up line depends on people’s preference. But no matter what, the kind of pickup line that always works can be considered the best.

For the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans, its like how Joey Tribbiani says “How you doin’?” Works everytime right?

7. Corny Pick Up Line

When the pick up lines are too outdated and overused, they are labelled corny. But even the corny pick up lines are the go-to words when you want to start with the small talk.

8. Rizz Pick Up Lines

Rizz is a trending slang used nowadays which simply means to woo someone with their charm. So, if you want to rizz someone up, Rizz pick up lines are a way to go.

Make sure you rizz your crush up by some charming and unique pickup lines.

9. Bold Pick Up Lines

Bold pick up lines are a little bit risky. You can either impress the person deeply or can even get one or two slaps.

But to show your confidence, being bold and straightforward is also sexy.

10. Savage Pick Up Lines

Savage are usually the comebacks to the bad and cheesy pick up lines. But some pick up lines itself are so savage that you cant help but get impressed by it.

Savage pick up lines are brutally honest, wild, and uncontrolled.

11. Dancing Pick Up Lines

Dancing pick up lines are the type of pickup lines used especially when you want to ask your special someone to dance with you.

When you are at a ball, disco, or party, asking someone attractive to dance with you charmingly is a talent. Hone such talent by preparing a persuasive pick up line related to dance.

12. Tinder Pick Up Lines

On a fast-paced dating app like Tinder, its important for you to make a great first impression after you both swipe right.

So, the ones that are suitable for Tinder conversations openings are also a different type and we call them Tinder pick up lines.

13. Hot Pick Up Lines

Hot pick up lines will surely bring some action if you deliver a perfect one. Make sure you don’t go overboard and offensive, but try to relay a subtle message that you are feeling the hots for your crush while using the hottest pick up lines.

14. Bad Pick Up Lines

Some pickup lines are really bad and instead of impressing someone, they just make you look like a fool. People may even dislike you forever because of a bad first impression.

The pick up lines that can offend someone by being racist or sexist are simply bad. Other pick up lines that sound so full of yourself or demeaning others is also bad. So, know your audience and try to avoid the bad type of pick up lines.

15. Fortnite Pick Up Lines

Many gamers try to impress their fellow fortnite players with some cool pick up lines. These fortnite pickup lines can be also used when you and your crush both have a same passion towards the game. 

Using the terminologies related to Fortnite, you can create variety of pickup lines from cringeworthy, dirty, to romantic and sweet. 

16. Roblox Pick Up Lines

Just like Fortnite, you can be the most interesting guy or girl on Roblox also by using some cool Roblox pick up lines.

Who knows if you can meet your better half through your gaming server just like that as you share the same interest.

17. Cringe Pick Up Lines

Some pick up lines can be so embarrassing and awkward but still works to impress others. These type of pick up line are called cringe pick up lines.

We know that it is cringeworthy but still smile because it makes us feel special on some level, especially when someone attractive says it.

18. Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Blatantly inauthentic lines said just to make a good a good impression are called cheesy pick up lines.

Such type of pick up lines can be taken as funny as well as creepy as many people don’t like when someone says obvious lie just to get attention. But some of them works quite well depending on the scenario.

19. Girl Pick Up Lines

The pick up lines targetted to use on girl crush are called girl pick up lines or just “Pickup lines for her.”

Starting a conversation with a girl in an impressive way is difficult for men, but luckily there are lots of creative and clever pick up lines to hit on the girl you like.

20. Guy Pick Up Lines

It is a common misconception that only guys come up and use a pick up line on any girl. But lots of times, girls are also interested in a guy and want to make the first move.

So, the type of pickup lines that are used by girls to impress their crush are called Guy pick up lines or the Pick up lines for him. These are just as smooth, subtle and charming as well as funny.

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