All About Linda Evangelista’s Son Augustin James

As one of the world’s original supermodels, Linda Evangelista has had one of the most successful careers in fashion. The industry icon was a muse to designers like Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld and reigned as queen of runways worldwide alongside superstars like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington.

On Oct. 11, 2006, Evangelista gave birth to her son, Augustin James Evangelista. She shares Augie with French businessman François-Henri Pinault, whom she dated between 2005 and 2006. Before becoming pregnant with Augie, Evangelista once said, “I will have children in my life, of that I’m certain.”

Motherhood quickly became the model’s full-time job, as she traded in catwalks for strollers. “Motherhood is my whole life now,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2013. “It’s the best. I am so fulfilled.”

While Evangelista kept her son out of the spotlight throughout his childhood, she has begun to give the world small glimpses into her life with now-16-year-old Augie.

Here’s everything to know about Linda Evangelista’s son, Augustin James.

He was born on Oct. 11, 2006

Linda Evangelista and her son
Linda Evangelista Instagram

Evangelista welcomed her son Augustin James Evangelista, fondly nicknamed “Augie,” on Oct. 11, 2006, in N.Y.C. While his father was not named at the time of his birth, it was later revealed to be Pinault.

His mom was on the cover of Vogue while pregnant

Linda Evangelista during Serpentine Gallery - Summer Party 2006 - Inside at Serpentine Gallery in London, Great Britain
Jon Furniss/WireImage

Evangelista embraced her pregnancy with Augustin to the highest degree, appearing on the August 2006 cover of Vogue while six months pregnant.

”I’m not freaked out at all, I embrace it,” Evangelista told Vogue of her pregnancy. “I believe I’m doing everything to go through this as smoothly as possible. I’m either doing yoga or exercising every day.”

The supermodel had previously suffered a pregnancy loss in 1999 after experiencing a stillbirth six months into her pregnancy. Of her second pregnancy, she added, “I’m overjoyed. My baby gives my life a meaning.”

Evangelista raised him away from the spotlight

Linda Evangelista and her son Augustin James Evangelista attend Montreal Canadiens vs New York Rangers playoff game at Madison Square Garden on May 29, 2014 in New York City
James Devaney/GC Images

While Evangelista spent most of her life on the runway and in front of the cameras, she has been raising her son in a manner opposite to her younger days and out of the public eye. Augustin does not have public social media accounts and rarely appears on his mother’s Instagram page.

In 2022, however, he joined his mother at Fendi’s Spring 2023 fashion show in New York City.

His stepmother is Salma Hayek

Valentina Paloma Pinault, Augustin James Evangelista and Salma Hayek attend 2023 TIME100 Gala

Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan/Getty

Augustin’s father, Pinault, has been married to actress Salma Hayek since 2009, making the actress his stepmother.

While appearing on the cover of Vogue‘s September 2023 issue, Evangelista gave a rare glimpse into her co-parenting relationship with Pinault and Hayek. Sharing a sweet story about a time Hayek helped her celebrate the holidays while the model was sick, she told the publication, “I was sick at Thanksgiving and Salma got on the plane with her daughter, came here, and made Thanksgiving dinner.”

She explained, “I had told her that I wasn’t going to have Thanksgiving; I wasn’t feeling well. And she said, ‘Oh yes you are. I am coming.’ And poof, she was here.”

Evangelista added that Hayek “spent the day in the kitchen,” with the kids helping her at the end. “She made a feast — a beautiful, beautiful meal.”

Hayek has spoken openly about her blended family over the years, too. In 2017, she told Red magazine, “I always wanted to have a lot of children, and I was not able to. My body, as a miracle, had one. The huge blessing I’ve had is that my husband has three other children.”

A few years later, in 2021, Hayek shared a candid snapshot on Instagram that showed her and her stepson happily vacationing on a boat together. Evangelista showed some love to the pair by commenting with two heart emojis.

Augie also attended the 2023 TIME100 Gala with Hayek and his half-sister Valentina Paloma Pinault.

He is his mom’s “light”

Evangelista shared a rare glimpse into their lives together on Instagram to celebrate Augie’s 16th birthday. The post included a recent photo of the mother-son duo as well as throwback photos of Augie as a baby and a young child.

She captioned the post, “My heart. My light. 16.”

Before his birthday, the last time Evangelista shared a photo of her son was on National Son Day in September 2021, calling him the “light of my life.”

He doesn’t share Evangelista’s love of fashion

Linda Evangelista son
Linda Evangelista Instagram

Evangelista doesn’t speak about her son in interviews often, but she shared a peek into Augustin’s personality and her experience with motherhood during a 2013 interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

“Let’s just say I have a child who doesn’t like fashion,” she told the outlet of her then-6-year-old son. “He wants jerseys. We watch sports and go to games. I do boy things now.”

He is very supportive of his mother

While the mother and son have always been close, Evangelista revealed that her son was her biggest supporter during a difficult time.

Evangelista underwent sessions of CoolSculpting, a fat-freezing body contouring procedure, in a dermatologist’s office from August 2015 to February 2016 but suffered from a rare side effect called PAH, where the freezing process causes the affected fatty tissue to thicken and expand. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Evangelista explained the situation made her unable to work in the industry she once loved.

“I should not be a burden to my child,” she told PEOPLE in 2022 of keeping her condition from loved ones, including her son. “He shouldn’t have to be supporting me. That’s not his job.”

After unveiling what happened to her, she warned her son that he might hear people negatively talking about her. “I told [Augie] he might be hearing some things, and he said he didn’t care, that he’s there for me,” she said. “It is very important for me to raise him knowing that he is beautiful and knowing that everyone is beautiful.”

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