Alysa Liu Biography, Age, Family, Triple Axel, Defends US Women And Short Program.

Alysa Liu Biography

Alysa Liu is an American figure skater who competes in the ladies’ singles discipline. She made history on 25th January 2019 becoming the youngest, at the age of 14, to win U.S. women’s figure skating title after she won the  2019 U.S. national championship.

This makes her the third woman to land a triple axel cleanly at a US national after Tonya Harding (1991) and Kimmie Meissner (2005). She is the 2019 U.S. national champion, the 2018 U.S. junior champion, and the 2016 U.S. intermediate champion.

Alysa Liu Age | Alysa Liu Birthday

Alysa was born on 8th August 2005 in Clovis, California (14 years as of January 2019). She will be 15 years on 8th August.

Alysa Liu Education

Alysa attended Chinese School for about three years before her father enrolled her in the Oakland School for the Arts. In 2015 she started homeschooling through California Connections Academy, an online program used by many elite skaters.

Alysa Liu Parents | Alysa Liu Father

Alysa Liu is the oldest child of Arthur Liu, an attorney who immigrated to the U.S. from the Sichuan Province in southwestern China in 1989. He had studied and taught English in college in China. He earned a master’s of business administration at Cal State East Bay before getting a degree at UC Hastings College of Law in San Francisco. Arthur has a partner who he once said in an interview that he helps him raise the kids

Alysa Liu together with her siblings a 9-year-old sister and 8-year-old triplets were conceived through anonymous egg donors and surrogate mothers. Liu once said in an interview that he was the mom and the dad and all that Alysa needs.

During an interview, Arthur revealed that Alysa started asking questions about her familial background at an early age. She would ask why she looked different not like a Chinese. He said that as she grew she began asking detailed questions and Liu had to explain to her that she has a biological mother and a surrogate mother.

Alysa Liu Mom

Alysa’s mother conceived through anonymous egg donors and surrogate mothers

Alysa Liu Siblings

Alysa has three siblings a 9-year-old sister and 8-year-old triplets also conceived through anonymous egg donors and surrogate mothers.

Alysa Liu Facts and Body Measurements

Here are some interesting facts you don’t want to miss about Alysa Liu

  • Full Name: Alysa Liu
  • Age/ How Old?: 14 years old
  • Date of Birth: August 8, 2005
  • Place of Birth: Clovis, California
  • Education‎:  attended Chinese school for three years, then attended the Oakland School for the Arts, which, at the time, offered emphasis in figure skating
  • Birthday: 8th August
  • Nationality: American
  • Father’s Name: Arthur Liu
  • Mother’s Name: Not revealed
  • Siblings: three siblings
  • Height/ How tall?: 1.47 m (4 ft 10 in)
  • Weight: around 41 kg
  • Profession: Figure Skater
  • Net worth: $1 Million – $5 Million (Approx.)

10 Takeaways from the U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Alysa Liu proved that she could do it again. She has given proof of her insistence that there was no more pressure in successfully defending a title compared to winning her first title.

Plus, the amusement of seeing the 4-foot-10 14-year-old needing help ascending the top step of the awards podium doesn’t get old either. Mariah Bell and Bradie Tennell helped hoist her for the second year in a row. Liu next competes at world juniors, where she will take on a formidable pair of Russian “K’s”: Kamila Valieva and Ksenia Sinitsyna, both of whom outscored her on the Junior Grand Prix circuit. To win the crown, Liu may need a fully rotated quadruple Lutz, something that eluded her in Greensboro.

2. Speaking of Bell, she comes out of the championships with her already-improving confidence another notch higher after the free skate of her life and her best nationals finish ever, a silver medal. In tears, before she even hit her final pose, she deservedly got an overwhelming standing ovation.

Alysa Liu, 14, successfully defends US women’s figure skating title

Liu becomes the first woman to repeat as champion since 2013 Mariah Bell, Bradie Tennell go second and third respectively. She needed all of her technical brilliance in her impressive jumping arsenal to hold off Mariah Bell and successfully defend her US figure skating championships title Friday night.

No American woman comes close to the collection of jumps the 14-year-old Liu possesses. She hit two triple axels among eight triples overall and attempted the only quad of the event, a lutz she under-rotated. Her 160.12 points by far exceeded the rest of the field and lifted her to 235.52 and up from second place after the short program.

Alysa Liu, 14, Repeats as U.S. Figure-Skating Champion

After a devastating, and at instances public, loose fall, Gold, 24 years vintage, labored her manner lower back to the countrywide stage through regional and sectional competitions, gaining strength and stamina alongside her antique triple jumps. She managed best an unmarried loop rather than a triple in her brief application, however, landed 4 triples in her long application right here and carried out the spirals which have featured in each stock image of her maximum wonderful moments, to finish 12th.

Gold mentioned that she has retained the perfectionism that proved so personally detrimental to her, but additionally talked frankly and at the period with reporters approximately her development.

“I guess you may say that one might be worried for this occasion,” she stated. “The girls that I’m up towards—some seem like youngsters. They’ve never taken a break day, right? They’ve been gearing up for this event all year. And I couldn’t virtually do like triple and triple ft in run-throughs until, like, Thanksgiving, so, you know…Yikes.”

Asked why she notion the target market become so moved by using her performance, Gold stated again and again that she didn’t see herself as brave. “I sense like it’s bizarre to mention, like, ‘my bravery,’ you couldn’t, that’s weird, no person just wakes up and is like, ‘Ahhhh, I’m a suggestion nowadays.’

“I assume it became similar to the idea of it: retired, out of shape, off the grid, mentally ill, the entire works, and to be like, ‘Oh, I think I’m going to provide it some other move’…And then to actually do it and grind through it… I, in reality, assume it became the tale because they weren’t standing for skating.”

Gold stated that setting desires for herself remained a war—because she placed more expectancies on herself as she persisted to enhance—however, that she felt she had demonstrated that she should as a minimum continue skating for some other yr. “Maybe this is it…However perhaps that is a lot greater.”

Alysa Liu Coach

Alysa’s coach is Laura Lipetsky, a former national-level skater who graduated from Cal. She began training her at the age of 5½ years. In 2017 Laura sent Alysa to the University of Delaware’s ice rinks for a biomechanical analysis researchers have created to help elite American skaters improve their jump techniques.

During an interview, Laura said: “I care about her so much, I give everything that I can to her because she only gets one shot. She reminds me of someone that I was growing up.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Alysa Liu

Who is Alysa Liu?

Alysa Liu is an American figure skater who competes in the ladies’ singles discipline. She made history on 25th January 2019 becoming the youngest, at the age of 14, to win U.S. women’s figure skating title after she won the  2019 U.S. national championship.

How old is Alysa Liu?

Alysa was born on 8th August 2005 in Clovis, California (14 years as of January 2019). She will be 15 years on 8th August.

How tall is Alysa Liu?

She stands at a height of 1.47 m.

How old is skater Liu?

Fourteen-year-old Alysa Liu landed the first quadruple jump in the U.S. ladies’ figure-skating championship to retain her national title and keep the U.S. in an ever-escalating technical arms race

Is Alysa Liu married?

Details about her love life are still under review. We will let you know when she gets in a relationship or when we discover helpful information about her love life.

How much is Alysa Liu worth?

She has an approximate net worth of $1 Million – $5 Million. This amount has been accrued from her leading roles in the entertainment industry.

Where does Alysa Liu live?

She is a resident of Clovis, California, United States, we shall upload pictures of their house as soon as we have them.

Is Alysa Liu dead or alive?

Alysa Liu is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of her being sick or having any health-related issues.

Can Alysa Liu go to worlds?

(U.S. Championships do not have that rule.) Liu will be able to compete at the 2020 Junior World Championships this March in Estonia, but she is not eligible for senior international events until the 2021-22 season – the next Olympic season. This was her first junior season internationally.

Is Alysa Liu Chinese?

Her father is Arthur Liu, who is an attorney and immigrated to the U.S. from a small mountain village in the Sichuan Province, China in the 1990s at the age of 25, after earning degrees in China. She is the oldest daughter and has four siblings all of who were conceived through an egg donor and a surrogate mother.

Alysa Liu Ice Skater

Alysa Liu began skating at the age of five when her father, a fan of Michelle Kwan, brought her to the rink. At 5½ years old, her coach Laura Lipetsky taught her and her choreographer, Cindy Stuart, also worked with her when she was young.

In 2015, Alysa Liu had her first competition as a juvenile. She became the youngest lady to win the intermediate gold medal, by less than a point, during the 2016 U.S. Championships. She was first after the short program, with two level-4 spins, a 2A, and 3S. Her free skate included a 3S-2T and 3S.

During the 2017 U.S. Championships, she placed fourth in the novice category. After her short program, she placed first with a 1.22 point lead. Her short program included a split jump into a 3Lz-3T combination, which was ruled under-rotated, and a 3F. After the long program, she fell to 4th place where she landed two triple-triple combinations.

2017–18 season

During the 2017 Asian Open Trophy, Alysa Liu earned a silver medal after finishing second. During the 2018 U.S. Championships in San Jose, California she was the youngest skater to compete in the junior division. Despite having a cold and sore throat she won the competition.

During the short program, she scored a season’s with an almost seven-point lead going into the free skate. Her short program included three level-4 spins, a 3F-3T combination, and a 3Lz, earning her 63.83 points.

During the long program, she earned 120.33 points, after landing two 2A and seven triple jumps, which were all backloaded in the second half of the program, including a 3Lz-3T and a 3F-1Eu-3S. Liu was given extra points on all her jumps, except for the 3F-1Eu-3S. She earned an overall score of 184.16 points.

Liu was ineligible to compete at the 2018 World Junior Championships due to her age despite winning the gold. She was instead sent to the 2018 International Challenge Cup instead, where she won the advanced novice silver medal.

2018 – 19 season |  Alysa Liu Triple Axel

Liu competed as a novice at the 2018 Asian Open Trophy in Bangkok, Thailand in August 2018 winning gold. She landed a ratified 3A in the free skate, becoming the youngest skater in history to perform a clean triple Axel in an international competition and the third American lady to do so, following Tonya Harding and Mirai Nagasu.

Despite being too young to compete internationally at the senior, or even junior, level, Liu qualified to compete in the senior ranks at the 2019 U.S. Championships in Detroit, Michigan.

Liu became the youngest skater in history to win the U.S. senior ladies’ title on 25th January 2019. She then placed second in the short to defending U.S. champion Bradie Tennell with a record score (which broke minutes later by Tennell). She also became first in the free with a clean program including a 3A, 3A-3T, 3Lz-3T, and 3Lz-1Eu-3S.

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