Angels envy humans because we have freedom and can have affairs with each other – Ajagurajah

In a recent interview with Neat FM on March 20, 2023, Ghanaian pastor Ajagurajah made controversial claims about the sexual habits of angels.

According to him, angels are not able to have affairs with each other, despite having feelings for one another.

Ajagurajah believes that while individuals can engage in sexual activities with their female partners, angels cannot have sex with fellow angels.

He argues that angels do not have the power to sleep with each other, but they can sleep with demons.

The pastor also made the shocking claim that some female angels from heaven descend to earth to have affairs with men.

He stated that female angels have vaginas and breasts and can give birth to children after sleeping with men.

Ajagurajah questions why God does not allow angels to have sex and claims that this is why angels are envious of humans.

He asserts that angels do not like humans because we have the freedom to engage in sexual activities, while they do not.

The pastor’s claims have stirred controversy and sparked debate on social media. Some have criticized his statements as baseless and lacking in evidence, while others have defended his right to express his beliefs.

It remains unclear how Ajagurajah came to these conclusions or what evidence he has to support his claims.

However, his statements have raised questions about the nature of angels and their relationship with humans.

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