Benjamin Appleby Wikipedia And Age: Where Is Bantam Man Now?

Benjamin Appleby wikipedia: Bantam man is serving a life sentence without parole for fifty years for the death of Ali Kemp. Here is more info.

Benjamin Appleby is a Bantam man whose name came into media prominence after he reportedly killed Alexandra “Ali” Kemp on June 18, 2002. 

Besides that, Ali was a 19-year-old girl from Leawood, Kansas, who had finished her freshman year with honors at Kansas State University during the summer of 2002.

Ali’s father, Roger Kemp, first saw his daughter’s body lying under a tarp in a pool maintenance room in June 2002. Furthermore, her case reached more people, and the police were able to collect more evidence.

Later, police drew a sketch who was identified as Benjamin Appleby and was living in Bantam, Connecticut, under the name of Teddy Hoover. 

Benjamin Appleby Wikipedia And Biography

Benjamin Appleby is a murderer from the United States of America who was arrested in connection to the murder of a young girl named Alexandra “Ali” Kemp.

Following the incident happened, Benjamin was arrested in November 2004. Investigation showed that at the time of Ali’s murder, Benjamin worked as a pool maintenance man.

At that time, he already had many law run-ins ranging from robbery to sexual misconduct. Police in Connecticut picked Appleby up on an earlier warrant which charged him with revealing himself. 

Benjamin Appleby Wikipedia
Benjamin Appleby was arrested in November 2004 in connection to the murder of a girl. (Source: The Kansas City Star)

Appleby told police that he went up to her in order to flirt with Ali, but she didn’t respond the same way. When he tried to touch her, she pushed him away, and he lost his temper.

Likewise, he even beat her, and later Appleby was charged with capital murder and attempted rape. Moreover, Benjamin was convicted on both counts.

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Where Is Benjamin Appleby Now?

Benjamin Appleby, aka Teddy Hoover, had initially confessed to the murder of the young girl Ali but later chose to go to trial instead. Later, he was convicted of capital murder and attempted rape.

Following his conviction, Appleby was sentenced to life in prison. He was also given 19 years for the attempted rape to be served consecutively. 

Benjamin Appleby
Benjamin Appleby was sentenced to life in prison. (Source: YouTube)

However, the rape conviction was later overturned. In 2019, his attorney appealed for a reduced sentence, but they were not accepted. 

According to an online report, Appleby is now serving his time at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in Butler County, Kansas.

Furthermore, people still want to know more about the case of Appleby, as he killed a young lady who was just 19 years old.

Why Did Benjamin Appleby Killed Ali Kemp?

As said earlier, Benjamin Appleby went up to her in order to flirt with Ali. He was expecting Ali to cooperate with her, but she didn’t give the same response.

Due to that, Appleby tried to touch Ali, but she pushed her, which triggered Appleby leading him to beat her. Ali was beaten, whipped and strangled in the pump home of the Leawood neighborhood pool where she worked.

Ali Kemp
Ali Kemp was killed at the age of 19. (Source: Oxygen)

Further, Benjamin was hiding in Bantam from authorities. He also had an outstanding arrest warrant under his nickname for charges of risk of injury to a minor, boisterous conduct and public indecency from a Woodbury incident in 1997.

The murder of Ali gained the eyes of many people, and everyone helped the family to give them justice. 

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