Fact Check: Is Winky D Arrested? Who Attacked Zimbabwean Musical Artist?

The famous rapper and musical artist was violently interrupted by the Zimbabwean police. Is Winky D Arrested? 

Winky D is a famous Zimbabwean reggae-dancehall artist who is popularly known as “The Big Man” (stylized as “Di Bigman”). 

Besides, Winky is also known as Dancehall Igwe, Gaffa, Ninja President, Professor, Extraterrestrial (stylized as ChiExtra) etc. Furthermore, Winky is a talented and successful figure in the Zimdancehall musical world and is also regarded as the Zimdancehall pioneer.

Similarly, Winky D is also known as an accomplished modern Zimbabwean music artist. Additionally, he was one of the artists who performed at the Southern Africa Music Airwaves (SAMA) Festival in 2009. 

Furthermore, with Trevor Hall and Belemnite Zimunya, Winky D presented the Rockers Vibes program. Winky started his music career with the help of Bartholomew Vera of Blacklab Studios. 

Fact Check: Is Winky D Arrested?

There have been many questions about Winky D being arrested and questioned his fans. No, Winky D is not arrested, and there have been no official records of the musician being detained.

Meanwhile, the arrest news of the musician being arrested came after his recent performance live show since his contentious album Eureka was released.

In the show, he tried to sing his latest song named iBotso. After members of the ZRP stormed the stage, violent skirmishes on the stage led to angry reactions from revellers. After that, police officers surrounded the star before dragging him offstage just after 10 pm.

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Due to that, people asked if he was detained. However, the official has not released any statement regarding his arrest.

Who Attacked Zimbabwean Musical Artists?

Winky D has often been the media topic regarding his arrest topic. In a recent event, the rapper was dragged off stage by police while performing in Chitungwiza on Saturday. 

The accident shocked his fans, as that was unacceptable in a public area. As per the recent news, the officers in plain clothes surrounded Winky D before they pulled him off stage just after 10 pm.

Thousands of fans saw the incident, and that rapper was also sharing the stage with other reputed artists who also witnessed the incident.

The newsmaker also reported that Wicky D’s song was previously banned as it was against the government. Similarly, his songs mostly create enmity between himself and the authorities in Harare. Winky D believes he can change the ongoing situation and the inappropriate agenda through music.

Who Is Winky D? His Age And Bio

Winky D is a popular musical artist and rapper. He is 40 years old as of this year and was born on 1 February 1983. Similarly, he spent his childhood in his birthplace, Kambuzuma, Harare, Zimbabwe. 

From a young age, he was interested in music and started listening to reggae at eight. Likewise, he has a brother named Trevor Chirumiko, also known as Layan. 

Trevor is also a music producer and singer. The music artist attended primary and secondary school in Harare. And he started performing different functions at a growing age. 

Unfortunately, the details about his parents have remained mysterious to us; also, he is not expressive about his family life at the moment. 

Starting his professional career at a young age, Winky D first released songs like Rasta” and “Dead Inna War,” associated with his creative stage performances. 

For further updates we can follow him on Instagram where he is active under the username @winkyddibigman where he has gathered more than 290k followers. 

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