Generation Alpha: Years, Characteristics, & Facts

Generation Alpha are the people born between 2010 to 2024. The term was first introduced by an Australian social researcher Mark McCrindle in 2008. 

Gen Alpha is the first generation to be entirely born in the 21st century and the generation raised in an entirely digital world. Currently, the oldest members of Generation Alpha are 13 years old, and by 2024 they will be around 15 years old.

According to Britannica, globally more than 2.8 million members of Gen Alpha are being born each week, and by 2024 the population of the youngest generation is estimated to be over two billion.

Gen A is known for their ability to navigate different social media platforms while creating and consuming content online. They will be the most technologically advanced and global-minded generation to date.

Gen Alphas are sometimes called mini-millennials as most of the members of this generation have Millennial parents. Gen A has been predicted to be the wealthiest generation.

The trends shaping Generation Alpha for the advanced digital world include:

  1. Augmented Reality
  2. E-wallets and digital payments
  3. The use of AI in the decision-making process
  4. Social media, the main mode of interaction

Characteristics Of Generation Alpha

The characteristics of Gen Alpha and Gen Z are quite similar but the young generation is known to be more advance. Some traits have been discussed below that set them apart from the previous generations.

1. Tech Natives

Gen A is the first generation to not know the world before social media and advanced technology. They have been referred to as digital natives as they incorporate technology in every aspect of their lives.

The Alphas know how to use smartphones, tablets from an early age. According to the survey by Common Sense Media, 62% of children aged 0-8 have their own mobile devices while 42% have their tablets.

In the coming years, Gen A will incorporate robotics and AI completely into their life by 2025.

2. Global And Diverse

Growing up with high-tech technology the young generation is known to be more connected with the world. They are more likely to have exposure to diverse languages, cultures, and visions shaping their worldview.

Alphas are expected to be more open-minded and collaborative than the previous generations. Their diverse minds will be reflected in their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. As per McCrindle, they will demand more accountability, transparency, and sustainability from corporations and institutions.

3. Educated Generation In History

Thanks to technology, Gen A will be the educated generation due to the easy availability of information from around the world. The education view among the new generation will likely be different as there may be less emphasis on formal degrees but more focus on skills.

The influence of tech will allow for personalized and flexible learning experiences.

McCrindle has predicted that 90% of the young generations will earn their high school degree while half will complete their secondary degree.

4. Individualism And Self-Expression

Gen Alpha is growing up in an era where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated. So, the young generation is more likely to be confident to express their own beliefs and opinions.

They may place a strong emphasis on self-expression, personal branding, and individuality due to their familiarity with social media platforms.

5. Climate Awareness

Generation Alpha will be more environmentally conscious than the previous generations. From an early age, they are taught about the importance of sustainability and reducing waste.

According to research, plastic pollution, impact on animals, and increasing temperatures are the three main concerns among 7 to 12 years old. The research also highlights that 86% of young ones are concerned about the long-term effects of plastic pollution.

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Impact Of Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha are currently aged between 0-13 years but has impacted several sectors and their parents purchasing power decisions as well. Gen A will be shaping the future with their new visions and perspectives.

1. Social Media Trends

Gen A has been using social media platforms from an early age. The trend of short videos on TikTok and Instagram has been increasing day by day due to the younger generation, with many using them to create and share content.

As per the Common Sense Media Survey, 53% of kids aged between 8-12 have used TikTok. The trend of influential marketing has increased in the past few years due to Gen A. The Hotwire survey has mentioned that 54% of parents have said that their kid has asked for a product due to an influencer.

2. Healthcare Advancements

The healthcare sector has gone through several changes due to the advancement of technology and shifts in patient needs. According to Voymedia, telehealth has been has become popular among Gen A parents due to its convenience.

Apart from the new health technology, Gen A will be concerned about their food choices. They will drink less alcohol and carbonated drinks but will increase the consumption of plant-based food items.

3. Hospitality And Food & Beverages

Born in the digital age Generation A expects to have access to technology everywhere. As a result, the hospitality sector must up its game with the latest technologies and meet the expectation of the young generation.

They are also growing up in an era where personalization and customization are considered normal. So, they expect the business to fulfill their unique needs and preferences.

The hospitality sector must offer eco-friendly amenities since Gen A is being raised in a world where sustainability is important to save the planet Earth.

4. The New Way Of Learning

The change in educational engagement has been made for Generation A as the schools are switching from structural and auditory learning to engaging visual and multimodal. In the future, the young generation will surpass sophisticated and praised Zeds in education.

To match the brilliant minds of tech-savvy learners, personalized learning programs, S.T.E.M and S.T.E.A.M curriculums, and learning through play have been incorporated into the new educational systems.

5. Consumer Behavior

Today’s kids have grown up in a world of social media, smartphones, and AI. As a result, they are more aware and have information about several brands, products, and more.

The members of Gen Alpha have already begun to influence the purchase decision of their parents as the kids have started to recognize the brands of toys, games, apparel, and food at the age of three.

In the future, Generation Alpha will vastly shape three industries such as retail, financial services, and entertainment. To keep future buyers connected with the brand the companies have begun to market their products uniquely.

In conclusion, the characteristics that distinguish Gen A from the previous generations are shaped by their status as true digital natives. Their upbringing in a world with sophisticated technology and social media will let them into the future with distinct behaviors and traits.

This generation’s technology and education advancement will mark the exit from the past which is characterized by new and unique access to information, personalized learning experiences, and a shift toward skill-based evaluation.

The aforementioned characteristics are driven by Gen A’s technological fluency, uniqueness, global perspectives will undoubtedly determine their collective impact as they continue to grow and shape the world around them.

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