How Much Did Netflix Pay Johnny Manziel?

Johnny Manziel made an estimated $30 to $50 million from Netflix documentary. Jerry Jones docuseries was agreed for just under $50 million.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle penned a $100 million deal with Netflix for their docuseries. On average, the streaming giant spends $17 billion annually on content. This will stay in place till 2024.

Untold: Johnny Football is a Netflix documentary that explores the rise and fall of American football player Johnny Manziel. A 1 hour and 12-minute ride for the audience, the documentary features interviews with him, his professional coaches, and friends. 

Former Texas A&M coach Kliff Kingsbury was the QB offensive coordinator during Manziel’s career. He is also featured in the show. 

As a part of the Untold Anthology Series, Netflix released Manziel’s tale on 8 August 2023. The story follows the path of roaring success that Johnny faced during his Texas A&M Aggies days to becoming the NFL’s big bust in just 2 seasons at Cleveland Browns. 

The documentary also portrays the life of Manziel outside his football career, and how his success at the collegiate level proved to be his biggest enemy. His NFL career completely fell apart, and he was left with nothing but to join the other smaller leagues.

How Much Money Did Johnny Manziel Make In The NFL?

Johnny Manziel made $7.7 million in his NFL career from 2014 to 2016. Manziel earned $4.73 million in 2014 and $794,936 in the 2015 season.

In his debut season aka 2014, Manziel signed a four-year contract with the Cleveland Browns after his first-round draft selection. His initial contract offering was $8.248 million, with $4.3 million as a signing bonus. 

Manziel also earned an annual salary of $2.062 million,  and it was a good amount for a rookie player. However, compared to the largest Rookie QB contracts like Sam Bradford’s 78 million and Matt Ryan’s $72 million, it was still a tame amount. 

In his final year for the Browns and NFL, Johnny accumulated $2.173 million. Browns ultimately relieved him after the 2016 season due to personal legal disputes. 

How Much Was Johnny Manziel Nike Contract?

Johnny Manziel Nike contract value is undisclosed but it is reported to be a multi-million deal. Manziel signed the deal in March 2014. 

With the hype of the former Texas A&M QB playing in the NFL, Manziel became embedded with Nike for a multi-year partnership. The deal was successful too, with Nike’s Money Manzziel shirt being hot sales in just a month. 

Per USA Today, the deal was reportedly one of the largest contracts ever signed by a Rookie player. However, the partnership fell off in 2016 after the QB got disgraced with lots of personal issues and legal disputes. 

What Year Did Johnny Manziel Get Drafted?

Johnny Manziel got drafted in the 2014 season as the 22nd pick in the first round. 

His text message also became an inspiring factor for an upper draft selection. During the draft night, Browns QB coach Dowell Loggains stated how Manziel had texted him “‘I wish you guys would come get me. Hurry up and draft me because I want to be there.”

Upon seeing this message, Loggains forwarded it to the Head Coach, Mike Pettine, and the Owner, Jimmy Haslam. Upon reading the message, Haslam decided to trade up Manziel since the QB showed interest in coming to Cleveland. 

His rookie year saw him debuting against New Orleans Saints on 14 September, but Manziel didn’t get to start and only left with 1 pass attempt. Johnny played a total of 5 games in 2014, with 2 games as a starter. He registered 175 passing yards, 0 TDs, and 18 pass completions. 

What Does Johnny Manziel Do Now?

Johnny Manziel is building a nightclub named Johnny Manziel Money Bar in College Station. Manziel plays football for the FCF indoor league. 

Johnny’s nightclub will be expected to open on Texas A&M’s first game against New Mexico on 2 September 2023. Both Mnaziel and his investors hope that this bar will be a hot zone for the Aggies fans. 

After signing with Fan Controlled Football in December 2020, Manziel joined his friend’s owned team named Zappers. There, Johnny played 3 games in his debut year and completed 14 passes and 133 passing yards. In the 2022 season, the QB played only 2 games and passed for 112 yards and 2 TDs. 

After falling out of NFL, Manziel went on to Canadian Football League (CFL), where he played for Montreal Alouettes in the 2018 season. Later, in 2019, Johnny played in the AAF for Memphis Express. 

Did Johnny Manziel Redshirt?

Manziel was a Redshirt Freshman and not a true freshman since he did not play games for Texas A&M during his first year at college.

Manziel started to play college football once he entered his academic year as a sophomore. Meanwhile, a True Freshman is defined as a student who is in the first year of both his athletics and academics. 

His NCAA football debut came in the 2012 season and Johnny played there until 2013. So, he was involved with the Aggies for only 2 seasons, but the QB left an impressive mark on the college franchise. 

Johnny Manziel Freshman Year Stats

Johnny Manziel college stats features 7890 passing yards and a 164.1 passer rating over 2 years. 

The Aggies QB made a powerful statement in his NCAAF years, with 63 passing touchdowns and 595 passes completions. Likewise, he attempted 863 pass attempts and gained 9.1 yards per attempt. 

Johnny Manziel National Championship win never came to fruition during his 2 years at the Aggies. However, he led his team to two Bowl victories.

In 2012, Johnny assisted the Aggies to win 41-13 against Oklahoma at Cotton Bowl. Meanwhile, Manziel’s Texas A&M beat Duke 52-48 in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. 

Johnny Manziel Years At Texas A&M

Johnny played in the 2012 and 2013 seasons for Texas A&M. Manziel is the second athlete to win the Heisman Trophy for the college. 

Did Johnny Manziel Graduate From Texas A&M?

Johnny Manziel may have graduated from Texas A&M after reenrolling in 2016 after his NFL career ended. It is not known if he has a degree.

The QB started studying through online means at his college to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Sciences. 

The former Aggies left his collegiate career with two years of eligibility still at his disposal. However, after his short NFL stint, Manziel rejoined the academic line to complete his senior status. 

Johnny Manziel Heisman Year

Manziel made an SEC record of 4600 yards of total offense in his Heisman year in the 2012 season. 

Leading his team to an 11-2 win-loss record, Johnny established 26 TDs in his Heisman year and went on to win the Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma Sooners. Manziel made a total gain of 516 yards and converted 4 touchdowns. 

His performance during the 29-24 victory against the No. 1 seed Alabama is considered one of the most memorable matches in NCAA football history. Manziel and John David Crow won the Heisman Trophy for the college. 

Texas A&M Football National Championships

Texas A&M has won three national championships since their first college football appearance in 1894. They have not won since 1939.


They became the champions for the first time in 1919, followed by 1927 and 1939 respectively. It has been over 80 years since the college has won a National title yet again. 

What Year Did Johnny Manziel Beat Alabama?

Johnny Manziel beat Alabama in the 2012 season. The game happened on 10 November and the Aggies won by 29-24. 

The Aggies QB passed for 25 yards and 2 TDs in this match. His 24-yard pass to Malcolm Kennedy in the 4th quarter resulted in Texas A&M getting a 29-17 lead, which effectively sealed their victory. 

Manziel’s first touchdown came in the first quarter after a brilliant 10-yard pass to Ryan Swope. Moreover, the QB also scrambled for 92 yards from 18 attempts. 

Texas A&M Football 2012 Record

Texas A&M 2012 record in football was 11-2. They lost to Florida (20-17) on September 8 and LSU on October 20 (24-19). 

Their first match against Florida on 8 September landed in a 20-17 defeat, but Manziel’s Aggies quickly bounced back with a 5-win streak.

They lost their seventh game against LSU but then continued their winning streak for the next 6 games, defeating top teams like Alabama and Oklahoma.

2012 Texas A&M Football Roster

2012 Texas A&M Football Roster featured Jonathan Stewart, Ben Malena, Mike Evans, and Damontre Moore. 

Here is the list of the Offense roster for the Texas A&M Aggies:

  • Johnny Manziel
  • Jameill Showers
  • Mike Evans
  • Uzoma Nwachukwu
  • Ryan Swope
  • Malcome Kennedy
  • Christine Michael
  • Ben Malena
  • Trey Williams

Here is the list of the Defense roster for the Texas A&M Aggies:

  • Damontre Moore
  • Steven Jenkins
  • Jonathan Stewart
  • Steven Terrell
  • Sean Porter
  • Donnie Baggs
  • Tramain Jacobs

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