Is Felicia Related To Denzel Washington, Are They Sister And Borther?

Is Felicia related to Denzel Washington? Find out the truth behind the relationship between the Big Brother 25 contestant and American actor.

In the world of the entertainment industry, famous figures with the same surname are often speculated to have some familial connection.

However, Felicia Cannon and Denzel Washington’s case has been linked due to their appearance.

Big Brother, houseguest Cameron Hardin recently made a wild claim that the two are siblings because they appear similarly.

Following this, many people ask if the Big Brother 25 houseguest Felicia is related to the well-known actor Denzel Washington.

In this short article, let’s take a detailed look into the matter and find out the truth behind their potential familial connection.

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Is Felicia Related To Denzel Washington? Are They Sister And Brother?

No. Felicia and Denzel Washington have no familial connection. Their rumor relationship as sister and brother is just groundless talk.

In addition, the two prominent figures hail from different cities and have different family backgrounds.

Is Felicia Related To Denzel Washington
Felicia Cannon is not the sister of actor Denzel Washington. (Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

Felicia Cannon is a real estate agent by profession. She gained notoriety after joining Big Brother 25 recently. 

Born on 18 June 1960 in Tacoma, Washington. She currently lives in Kennesaw, Georgia, with her husband and children.

Felicia is 63 years old as of 2023. She is the oldest contestant of the season.

On the other hand, Denzel Washington, an American actor, was born on December 28, 1954, in Mount Vernon, Westchester, New York.

The actor’s mother, Lennis “Lynne,” worked as a beauty parlor owner and operator. Lynne was born in Georgia and raised in Harlem, New York.

Likewise, the actor’s father, Denzel Hayes Washington Sr., was born in Buckingham County, Virginia.

Washington Sr. was an ordained Pentecostal minister who worked at the New York City Water Department and a local S. Klein department store.

The actor has two siblings, one brother, David Washington, and one elder sister, Lorice Washington.

Felicia and Denzel Washington are unrelated, as they have different origins and families.  

Reason Behind Felicia and Denzel Washington’s Rumored Link

The 17 August night’s live eviction episode of Big Brother 25 had a moment of dramatic story.

Cameron Hardin, a houseguest, shocked Jared Fields and the audience when he revealed a wild thought that he wanted to float by him.

Is Felicia Related To Denzel Washington
Big Brother 25 contestant Felicia Cannon and actor Denzel Washington are unrelated. (Image Source: Big Brother Wiki)

Before Cameron disclosed his ideas, Jared could hardly keep a poker face.

Jared figured Cameron found out that his mother, Survivor Legend and seasoned reality TV actress Cirie Fields are also participating in the competition. Only Izzy Gleicher is aware of their connection at this time.

But Cameron insisted that Felicia Cannon and actor Denzel Washington look alike and might be siblings.

Following this, many Big Brother viewers and others have been looking for information about their connection.

In addition, many social media users have agreed the two look similar. One user of X, the platform previously known as Twitter, shared a short video clip.

Alongside the clip, the user wrote, “Okay, now I can understand why Cameron thinks Felicia is related to Denzel Washington because this acting is Oscar-worthy.”

Another person shared a meme about the story and joked while writing, “Felicia when she reveals she is Denzel Washington’s sister.

In conclusion,  Felicia from Big Brother 25 is not the sister of American actor Denzel Washington.

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