Is Joshua Bassett Dating Sofia Wylie? HSMTMTS Co-stars Romance Rumor

Amidst The HSMTMTS promotion, ‘Joshua Bassett Dating Sofia Wylie’ has been circulating the news. Their chemistry is fueling the fire. Are the rumors true? Read the article to find out.

The student from the Famous series’ High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ (HSMTMTS), Joshua Bassett, is a young adult.

The 22-year-old singer and actor found his fame as a Disney star, starring in shows like ‘Stuck in the Middle’ and appearing on other hit shows like ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

His musical career is as impressive as his acting career. He co-wrote the hit song ‘Just for a Moment‘ with co-star Olivia Rodrigo, released on January 10, 2020. The song received a lot of positive reviews.

Bassett had a head start in learning music because his dad was a musician, and he grew up with sisters who loved theater.

He got into musical theater when he was just 7 years old, which helped him learn about music from an early age.

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Joshua Bassett Dating Sofia Wylie? Real Or Fake!

Joshua Bassett has been invested in many different career paths and grabbed many fans. But with fans come rumors and speculations.

Joshua Bassett’s love life has been a topic of discussion in many of his fan circles. Many names follow Joshua as he has been opposite many beautiful co-stars in his career.

More specifically, his HSMTMTS co-star Sofia Wylie is often linked with Joshua.

So, the ‘Joshua Bassett dating Sofia Wylie’ rumor originated and circulated rapidly in the town.

Joshua Bassett Dating Sofia Wylie
Joshua Bassett and Sofia Wylie on the sets of HSMTTS. (Source: Instagram)

The rumor started after Joshua posted a picture of Sofia on his Instagram. The stars completely denied the rumors by claiming they were just friends.

Fans speculate that they said that because of their contracts with Disney. And this is not the first time a ‘rumored’ Disney couple has denied that dating claims.

Disney, being a Kid’s entertainment company, often ties their stars into these contracts where certain things are told not to do.

Joshua and Sofia were recently seen in an interview with IMDb for their ‘High School Musical’ show promotion. Their fans couldn’t help but fall in love with their chemistry.

One fan wrote online about the Joshua and Sofia dating rumor,

They need to be cast in any movie, series, animation, or whatever. Disney struck gold these two have so much chemistry on screen and outside. They are really good friends and you can tell.

Some Fans Against Joshua Bassett Dating Sofia Wylie Rumors

While some fans want Joshua Bassett Dating Sofia Wylie to be true, others think it would change their opinions about both if the rumors were to be true.

Joshua has publicly been in a relationship with his other High school musical co-star Olivia Rodrigo.

Joshua and Olivia
Joshua and Olivia made a collab song, Just for a Moment. (Source: Instagram)

Olivia and Joshua dated for almost 3 years. They would tour together, write songs for each other, and be spotted in front of popular restaurants.

Many of their fans were heartbroken when Olivia, in a 2020 interview, revealed her breakup with Joshua.

She suggested Joshua allegedly cheated on her with another famous singer, Sabrina Carpenter.

The nail hit the coffin when Sabrina and Joshua were spotted together on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement right after the breakup revealed by Olivia.

Olivia Rodrigo even wrote a very famous song called ‘Driver’s Licence’ about Joshua Bassett which created a lot of hate for him and his alleged girlfriend, Sabrina.

Joshua even spoke up in a podcast stating,

You don’t do that to people you love, if they ever loved me they wouldn’t create this situation for me.

He allegedly got a mini heart stroke after being unable to cope with the hate caused by the release of the song Olivia wrote about him.

Later, Joshua and Sabrina released their song, writing the side of their story. The whole Joshua-Olivia-Sabrina thing was very big on the internet.

This is one of the reasons why even though the fans love the idea of Joshua Bassett Dating Sofia Wylie happening, some do not agree.

According to a fan, “If Sofia dates Joshua, she will receive the same hate that Sabrina received.”

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