Katie Stubblefield Before and After Accident: Why Did She Shot Herself? Reddit

Katie Stubblefield before and after accident photos have been searched by many people on the internet. If you want to know more about it, read this article till the end.

Katie Stubblefield is a native of Oxford, Mississippi, whose name came into the limelight after being the youngest person ever to receive a full face transplant.

Stubblefield tried to commit suicide in 2014 at the age of 18 when she saw her boyfriend’s texts with another girl. It has been reported that her boyfriend dumped her.

It was the reason why Katie attempted suicide and shot herself with a rifle through her chin but miraculously survived the attempt.

It’s been a long time since the incident happened, but people still want to know more about it.

Katie Stubblefield Before and After Accident

As said earlier, Katie Stubblefield shot herself with a rifle. The young lady survived, but the injury resulted in the loss of her face. 

She was left fighting for her life, and now, people are eager to know more about how Katie looked before and after the accident.

Reportedly, Stubblefield had lost her forehead, nose and sinuses. Not only that but her mouth was also gone except for the corners of her lips.

Katie Stubblefield Before and After
The photo of Katie Stubblefield before and after surgery. ( Source: The Sun )

Also, much of the bones that make up the jaws and front of her face were blown off too. Meanwhile, Katie’s eyes remained, but they were askew and badly damaged.

On May 4, 2017, Cleveland Clinic surgeons sewed onto her the face of Adrea Schneider, who died of a drug overdose. She underwent a 31-hour operation, and after that, she can now chew, swallow and breathe.

Not to mention, the operation had been paid for by the US Department of Defence through the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

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Why Did Katie Stubblefield Shot Herself?

Katie Stubblefield shot herself after seeing her boyfriend’s text with another girl. It has been noted that she was dumped by her boyfriend. It was the reason why Katie shot herself with her brother’s .308-caliber hunting rifle.

Towards the last year of high school, Stubblefield was experiencing a stressful year. She was suffering from health problems related to an appendectomy.

Unfortunately, both of her parents had lost their jobs teaching at her high school. Then on the fateful day of March 25, 2014, Stubblefield’s boyfriend broke up with her. 

Katie Stubblefield Shot Herself
Katie Stubblefield reportedly shot herself after breaking up with her boyfriend. ( Source: ABC News )

After that, she left school early and drove over to her older brother Robert’s house. Robert immediately informed Alesia, Katie’s mom, that she was out of her school. 

As Alesia arrived, Robert heard a sound comparable to a door slam. When they went inside, the bathroom door was shut, and Stubblefield was on the other side. 

The lady didn’t open the door, but the smell of gunpowder quickly spread. Later, she was taken to the emergency room and was saved.

Where Is Katie Stubblefield Now? Reddit Update

Following her surgery, Katie Stubblefield had grueling training in rehab to get as much normalcy back into her life as possible. In an interview, she said that when she touched her face, she was able to feel again.

Katie, in an interview, said she wanted her face back, and she was willing to do whatever it takes. It has been reported that she is still adjusting to life with a new nose and lips and a new outlook. 

Reportedly, she still hasn’t regained her vision, but it is improving. The Stubblefield family is reportedly still residing in the Ronald McDonald house. 

Katie Stubblefield Now
Katie Stubblefield was photographed with her parents. ( Source: AboutFace )

Her parents have said that their daughter has not lost her sense of humor. It can be said that Katie must be living with her parents keeping her distance from the media.

Apart from that, her name often gets into the limelight, and people often talk about it on Reddit. Some of her images can also be found on Reddit. 

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