Maisie Sharp Missing Case: Is the Bournemouth Girl Found?

Maisie Sharp missing case is in the spotlight as the alleged 14-year-old lady has been missing for more than a year. Keep reading to find the fact.

Maisie Sharp is said to be a young lady from Bournemouth whose name has been making rounds following the news of her missing came into the media.

Everyone is eager to know about this lady as Facebook has been covered with her missing case, and her family has requested everyone to help them find their daughter.

The Police department has not shared the official report regarding Sharp’s missing case, but everyone has shared the news on multiple social media platforms.

So, collecting every information about Maisie, we’ve compiled everything in today’s writing.

Maisie Sharp Missing Case Explained

Many online sources have claimed that Maisie Sharp has been missing and has not yet been found. According to Nayag News, Sharp is a lady from the UK who went missing in August 2021. 

The missing young girl was last seen in the Falmouth area of Cornwall. Everyone was concerned about this topic when the family shared the news of her disappearance.

The same report by Nayag News claimed that Sharp was August 19, 2021, and was last discovered in the Falmouth area of Cornwall.

Despite heavy searches and appeals for information, there have been no verified sightings of her since then. 

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Is the Bournemouth Girl Maisie Sharp Found?

No, at the time of this post, Maisie Sharp has not been found yet, but the search seems to be continuing. Some YouTube channels have also made videos regarding this topic.

However, none of the verified media outlets have shared or elaborated much about it. Maisie’s missing case has also been discussed in some Facebook groups. 

There is news that BBC News has also covered Maisie’s missing case, but the information isn’t available now. Due to that, there is not much info about the Bournemouth girl.

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Maisie Sharp Missing Case Update: Where Is She Now?

Maisie Sharp’s missing case hasn’t been given more updates. So, it is believed that she has not been found. Everyone has said that she went missing in 2021.

It’s been a long time, but she has not been found. She went missing from the Falmouth area of Cornwall. Different media outlets have shared different info regarding her age. Some say she is 14, but some claim it to be 19.

A Facebook user named Annette Maria has also shared the news on a Facebook group. She wrote, “We need your assistance! A young girl has gone missing, and her family is asking for any information that may help find her. Please share this message and help us bring her back home.”

In the same post, Maria commented, “Have you seen or heard anything about this missing 14-year-old girl?” Many have said that the news seems to be fake, but it has already been shared by many online users, which seems to be true.

At the time of this post, further information can’t be given. However, we will come up with more news regarding this matter. 

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