Mariano Caprarola Esposa: Who Is His Pareja Actual? Relationship Timeline

Currently, Mariano Caprarola esposa is in the spotlight following the demise of the well-known commentator at the age of 49.

Mariano Caprarola, the stylist and “La cage de la mode” panelist, discussed health issues stemming from a cosmetic procedure in multiple interviews.

He had previously discussed his battle with health issues resulting from cosmetic surgery performed by Aníbal Lotocki in 2010.

Much like Silvina Luna, he also had to confront the emergence of kidney failure in recent years, which required him to undergo regular dialysis treatments.

Caprarola was admitted to the hospital for routine assessments connected to kidney calcification.

This concern led to his hospitalization many years back, along with efforts to eliminate specific substances from his body.

His passing was reportedly caused by a hemorrhagic shock that triggered a cardiac arrest.

Following his unexpected passing, the subject of Mariano Caparola esposa has become a trending topic, generating curiosity about his marital life particulars.

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Mariano Caprarola Esposa: Who Is His Pareja Actual?

The search for Mariano Caprarola esposa (wife) has increased swiftly on the Internet after netizens came across the news of his passing away.

Mariano Caprarola valued his privacy greatly when it came to his personal life, particularly when discussing his wife.

Throughout his public appearances, he chose not to openly share details about his marital situation.

Mariano Caprarola Esposa
Mariano Caprarola with his rumored girlfriend, Romica (Source: tu nota)

Even though he openly acknowledged his homosexuality in various interviews, there were instances on social media that sparked curiosity about his sexual orientation.

In a candid 2021 interview with ‘Gente’ magazine, Caprarola openly spoke about his sexuality and romantic experiences.

Despite his assertion of being gay, there’s an Instagram post featuring a woman whom he affectionately calls “his beloved.”

The woman in question is named Romica, and she maintains a discreet presence in the public eye.

However, her Instagram account receives affectionate comments on her photos from an account seemingly linked to “her lover.”

In this heartfelt Instagram post, Caprarola conveyed, “At your side, I learned what fidelity is and to know what not to feel alone in life, Love you, happy birthday, beloved.

It’s worth mentioning that Romica’s Instagram account is private, and there are not many details available. 

Currently, no further details have emerged regarding the rumoured relationship between these two individuals.

More On Mariano Caprarola Esposa: His Relationship Timeline

Similar to the curiosity surrounding Mariano’s wife, there’s also intrigue about his past relationships, including their duration and timeline.

Nonetheless, as emphasized earlier, due to his private nature, he scarcely disclosed any aspects of his personal life, including his past romantic involvements.

While talking about his life, Mariano once stated that he has never been in a relationship without love.

He further expressed that being loved and respected during a romantic involvement is extremely significant for him.

A woman whose name often comes along with him is Pamela Sosa. Sosa, the ex-partner and informant regarding Aníbal Lotocki, also discussed Caprarola’s death.

Mariano Caprarola Esposa
battle with health issues resulting from cosmetic surgery performed by Aníbal Lotocki in 2010 (Source: Euro ES Euro)

The tragic passing of Mariano took place in the afternoon subsequent to his hospital visit for treatment linked to a calcium deficiency.

Mariano’s medical history, which included cosmetic procedures by Aníbal Lotocki, required regular medical monitoring.

During one of his routine check-ups on Sunday, an elevated calcium level was identified in his body.

Pamela Sosa, speaking with Ángel De Brito on LAM’s Catch TV, stated that Lotocki had injected substances into Caprarola’s buttocks and arms.

She emphasized, “He used me and a lot of people in between.”

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