Maureen Neal Wikipedia – David Essex’s Ex-Wife

Maureen Neal was once married with famous star David Essex and gained a lot of attention for her marriage with David. They married from 1971–1996 nearly for 25 years. People came close and they separate, it’s all written. Their marriage was one of them which came to an end in 1996. Maureen Neal gained a lot fame from this marriage. The split-up of their marriage became a topic of public interest, highlighting the challenges that can arise even in high-profile partnerships.

David Essex’s First Wife – Maureen Neal

Maureen Neal was the first wife of David Essex. Maureen and David shared two children together, Verity and Danny. Couple’s first born daughter Verity Cook, 52, has two children together named, Daisy Cook and Joseph Cook. Her grandparents was Albert Cook and Olive Cook. Her great grand-parents are Thomas Kemp. She was born in London, United Kingdom in 1972 after the one year marriage of her parents Maureen Neal and David Essex.

Their son, Danny Cook was born in 1977 in England has a keen interest in horse riding. He is 46 years old, as of 2023.

A look on Maureen Neal’s profile

Real Name Maureen Neal
Born In 1947
Age 76 years
Birthplace London, United Kingdom
Husband David Essex (m. 1971–1996)
Children Verity Cook, Danny Cook
Grandchildren Daisy Cook, Joseph Cook

Maureen Neal Is Not On Instagram

Maureen Neal is not on any social media platforms. She is now totally out of public spotlight and resides in London with her children. She continues to prioritize her role as a parent and enjoys the peacefulness of living in London with her children.

How many times Maureen Neal’s ex David Essex married?

David Essex tied knot for three times till now. His second marriage was to a woman named Carlotta Christy, but unfortunately, it ended in divorce. They shared two twins, Billy and Kit. He then found love again and married his third wife, Susan Hallam-Wright. His fourth child, a son named, Sonny was born.

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