No, Howard Stern Gay Rumor Is Not True: Boyfriend Rumor Corrected By His Wife Beth Stern

The controversial Radio show host Howard Stern gay rumors are surfacing the internet, but his wife has something to say about the situation. Find out why his fans think that Stern is gay.

Howard Stern, born on January 12, 1954, in Roosevelt, New York, USA, is a renowned American radio show host recognized for his boundary-pushing broadcasts.

Stern’s introduction to the world of radio came through his father, a skilled sound engineer. Howard then began creating his shows using a tape recorder.

He graduated from Boston University in 1976 with a degree in communications. During his time at the university, Howard used his skills at the college’s radio station.

After a series of forgettable radio gigs in Hartford, Connecticut, and Detroit, Michigan, his journey led him to Washington, D.C., where he met Robin Quivers, who became his trusty sidekick, and together they crafted a wildly popular radio format.

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Howard Stern Gay Theories By Fans Are Fueling The Fire!

Howard Stern, the guy who has made the top a lister Hollywood celebrities reveal some of their darkest secrets, was speculated to have been keeping a very big secret from his fans.

For some reason, his fans started questioning whether the popular and very controversial Howard Stern was inside the closet.

The rumors spread like wildfire when fans noticed how Howard actively kissed his male guests and seemed much more interested in them than his female guests.

One fan even commented that,

For decades, he has loved kissing other men at every opportunity while of course disguising it in the context of ‘joking’. Most recently, he literally forced Billy Joel and Jimmy Kimmel to mouth-kiss him by putting them on the spot during a new year’s event.

Howard’s fans suggest that Howard emphasizes being a heterosexual man too much and too suspiciously, almost like he is trying to make himself believe he is not gay.

Howard Stern gay
Howard Stern with his alleged partner Ralph. (Source: Reddit)

Further, some netizens pointed out the weird nature of Howard, where he would describe intimate details to the whole world.

Howard was with the same woman for twenty-five years and bragged that he never cheated on her “with another woman.”

In one of his books, he wrote a chapter about how being gay is just something men do out of immaturity to delay adult responsibilities like marriage/children and can be cured using the Sarno method.

But, Howard, in an old classic episode of his, interviewed a transgender male who told Howard that he had been listening for a long time and Howard was a woman inside, just like him.

Howard did not exactly deny it, which caught the attention of many already suspecting that he is secretly a homosexual and trying to hide it.

The rumor caught fire when people got hold of another old Howard Stern video where Howard and his guest were talking about Pam Anderson’s Playboy spread, and he said he doesn’t find a women’s private parts attractive.

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Beth Stern Response To The Rumors? Beth And Howard Splitting!

While his fans have piled up proof after proof trying to prove ‘Howard Stern Gay,’ they also accuse his wife of being a transexual woman.

Some fans think that Howard and Beth’s marriage is fake, and it was all done to create a fake public image to calm down the Howard Stern gay rumors.

Howard and Beth Stern
Howard and Beth Stern splitting is just a rumor. (Source: Instagram)

However, in an interview, Beth laughed out the rumors of her husband being gay and clarified that they were not splitting.

Howard Stern was rumored to be dating his friend Ralph, who was the one behind the love story of Beth and Howard.

Beth made it clear that Ralph is just a friend of theirs, and it baffles her how the rumors are just getting stronger when she knows that Howard Stern gay rumor is not true.

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