Ramadan: Muslims Who Eat In Public Will Be Dealt With-Authority Say

Kano State’s Hisbah Board has announced that its corps will be visiting mosques during Iftar, Tarawih, and Tahajjud prayers to protect worshippers and their property from unpatriotic elements.

This announcement was made by the board’s Commander-General, Dr. Harun Ibn-Sina, who also warned that those who engage in societal vices during the sacred month of Ramadan will be dealt with.

In a statement issued by the Public Relations Officer of the Board, Ibrahim Lawan, on Thursday, March 23, 2023, Dr. Harun Ibn-Sina emphasized the importance of ensuring that worshippers are safe during the month of Ramadan.

The Hisbah corps will be deployed to various mosques across the state to ensure that worshippers are protected from any harm.

The Commander-General also urged the general public to assist orphans and the needy during this holy month.

He suggested that clothing, food items, grains, water, and cash could be given to those in need to alleviate their suffering.

Dr Harun Ibn-Sina also issued a stern warning to those who engage in societal vices during the month of Ramadan.

He stated that such individuals will be dealt with accordingly and that the Hisbah corps will be working tirelessly to ensure that such vices are eradicated.

One of the vices mentioned by Dr. Harun Ibn-Sina was the act of eating in public during the fasting period.

He warned that such individuals will not be spared and will face the full wrath of the law.

Dr. Harun Ibn-Sina’s call for the public to assist the needy during Ramadan is in line with Islamic teachings that emphasize the importance of giving to those in need.

He encouraged individuals to donate whatever they can to assist those who are less fortunate.

In addition to providing material assistance, Dr. Harun Ibn-Sina also called on individuals to offer their time and expertise to assist those in need.

This could include volunteering at orphanages, hospitals, and other charitable organizations.

The Hisbah Board’s announcement to deploy its corps to protect worshippers during the month of Ramadan is a welcome development.

The board’s efforts to combat societal vices during this sacred month is also commendable.

The public’s support in assisting the needy during this holy month is crucial and should be embraced by all.

We urge the general public to heed Dr. Harun Ibn-Sina’s call to assist those in need and to avoid engaging in any societal vices during the month of Ramadan.

Let us all work together to make this holy month a peaceful and prosperous one for all.

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