Sister Deborah was very shocked when I called to ask for a feature – Medikal

Social media was buzzing with excitement as former lovebirds Medikal and Sister Debbie were spotted together on the set of their new music video for the song “Cold and Trophies.”

Many Ghanaians were surprised to see the duo together after their past relationship ended in a messy way.

The collaboration on the new song came as a shock to many, who did not expect any form of relationship or link between the two former lovebirds.

Medikal, during an interview with Accra-based Kingdom FM, revealed that he never had a specific artist in mind to feature on the song before recording.

However, while recording, he felt that Sister Debbie had the perfect vibes and voice for the feature.

Despite their past, Medikal revealed that he and Sister Debbie are not at loggerheads and have no problems with each other.

He explained that they dated in the past, but things did not work out. When he called her to feature on the song, she was surprised but was willing to work with him.

The news of the collaboration between Medikal and Sister Debbie sparked mixed reactions among their fans on social media.

While some were excited to see the duo together, others expressed their disappointment in their past relationship and how it ended.

The music video for “Cold and Trophies” was shot on location in Accra, and features stunning visuals and a captivating storyline.

The video tells the story of two former lovers who come together to make music despite their past differences.

The reunion of Medikal and Sister Debbie for the new music video has left many fans excited and eager to see what the future holds for the former lovers.

Despite their past, the two have shown that they can work together and produce great music.

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