Steve Martorano Wife, Marsha Martorano: Wikipedia And Age

The Martorano brand truly would not be where it is today without the help of owner Steve Martorano wife, Marsha Martorano. She has played a huge role in helping her husband build the empire he has today.

Raised in South Philadelphia, Steve Martorano was sure he did not want to end up in mobs like many of his family members.

With just $40 to his name, he moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 1993 and opened a new restaurant on Oakland Park Boulevard – Café Martorano.

After opening his first restaurant in 1990, Steve Martorano worked day and night to turn Café Martorano into the neighborhood’s premier Italian restaurant. The popular eatery also serves as a music venue.

Soon his hard work paid off when the restaurant started luring A-listers like Mario Lopez, Dan Marino, Tony Bennett, Jamie Foxx, and French Montana. Café Martorano has now become an international hit.

Other than expanding the restaurant chain into four major locations, the original one is on Oakland Park Boulevard.

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Who is Steve Martorano Wife, Marsha Martorano? Wikipedia

Steve Martorano wife, Marsha Daley, was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to South Florida when she was 6 years old. She is a trained make-up artist and financial advisor.

From a very young age, Marsha had a thirst for learning and evolving. Her mother, Beverly Daley, said from an early age, she had the habit of throwing herself at areas she knew nothing about to learn new things.

The duo met for the first time in 2005 when Marsha Daley and her friend walked into Café Martorano in Fort Lauderdale for dinner.

Immediately, she caught the attention of Steve Martorano, who sent over a bottle of Cristal Champagne and took care of their bill.

Steve was starstruck the moment he met Marsha. He wasted no time and gave her his phone number and a CD full of love songs.

Steve Martoranos wife Marsha
Steve and Marsha Martorano at their waterfront home in Fort Lauderdale. (Source: Fort Lauderdale Illustrated)

However, Marsha did not call him. In fact, she was trying her best to avoid Steve the next time she visited his restaurant with friends.

She recalled,

But we soon started dating, and a week later we were inseparable.

Steve soon learned that Marsha was not only a fun-loving person, but she was also authentic. This sealed the deal for him, and their relationship only grew stronger.

Steve Martorano wife, Marsha, was blown away by his kindness and generosity. In an interview with the Fort Lauderdale Illustrated, she spoke about the time she shared her love for balloons and cupcakes with her husband.

To which he brought her a hundred of each. She said,

Everything about Steve was over-the-top. Our relationship was like a fairy tale.

Steve Martorano Wife: The Dynamic Duo And Age

In 2007, Steve Martorano wife joined him as he extended his eatery to Las Vegas. She gained industry knowledge and assisted with executive scheduling, daily operations, menu development, and printing.

The following year, Marsha stayed in Las Vegas to manage the show for six months while Steve left for open-heart surgery.

Their personal and professional ties grew over the following ten years, and in 2017, they married.

Steve Martorano wife, Marsha, continues to work in the companies’ back offices on marketing, advertising, and product development.

Steve Martorano with his friends
Steve Martorano often posts photos on his Instagram with his family and friends. (Source: Instagram)

The power couple has expanded their business to include a lifestyle brand featuring Café Martorano’s pasta sauces.

Apart from Steve’s books on cooking, they also launched a jewelry and apparel line.

Furthermore, Steve Martorano wife jointly launched The Steve and Marsha Martorano Never Give Up Foundation in 2019 with him.

The foundation aims to help students and professionals pursue their education and personal development while working to fend for themselves or their families.

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