UFC Max Griffin Wife: Who Is Anastasia? Relationship Timeline And Kids

Please get to know Anastasia, the wife of UFC welterweight Max Griffin, as we explore their relationship timeline and their children.


Max Griffin, a celebrated American mixed martial artist, exemplifies excellence as he fearlessly demonstrates his mastery in the welterweight category within the globally recognized Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

He was born on November 29, 1985, in Santa Barbara, California, and has since become a prominent figure in MMA.

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Max Griffin, with an impressive professional record of 19 wins and only nine losses. Has undeniably showcased his skills as a highly formidable competitor within the showcased.

He has been actively competing since 2009 and showcased his skills in organizations like Tachi Palace Fights, where he held the welterweight championship title.

Max Griffin’s journey as a professional mixed martial artist is defined by his resilience, technical prowess, and dedication to constant improvement.

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Max Griffin Wife: WhoonlyAnastasia? 

Anastasia, the fiancée of UFC welterweight Max Griffin, holds an essential place in his life.

Together, they have a son named Tyrus, who entered the world in 2021.

Anastasia is also professionally involved with Max Griffin, as she is a marketing and public relations specialist for Max Griffin, LLC.

While not much information is readily available about Anastasia outside of her LinkedIn profile, Max Griffin is currently dating Anastasia Gabrielle, who has not made any commitments to anyone else.

Nonetheless, it is plain that Anastasia occupies a significant place in Max Griffin’s life. Their shared journey into parenthood highlights the depth of their bond.

Despite the limited information available, Anastasia’s involvement in Max Griffin’s career and personal life underscores her importance as his partner and the mother of their child.

Max Griffin Relationship Timeline 

Details about Max Griffin’s relationship timeline are scarce. According to datingcelebs.com, Max Griffin is currently reported as single.

Regrettably, there is no information concerning their union or parting dates.

It is essential to acknowledge that this citation pertains exclusively to a fictional character in a comic book series and should not be misconstrued as portraying Max Griffins’ genuine interpersonal associations.

Overall, beyond his current relationship with his fiancée Anastasia and their son Tyrus, there is limited information about Max Griffin’s personal life and relationship history.

The public focuses primarily on his professional endeavors as a UFC welterweight fighter.

Max Griffin Kids

Max Griffin is a proud father with two children, Julian and Venus Williams.

Julian is the son of Max Griffin and his ex-wife Adrianne, and Max acknowledges their relationship on his official Instagram account.

The details surrounding Venus Williams, Max’s other child, are less clear, including the identity of the child’s mother and birthdate.

Despite the lack of information regarding his relationship with Venus Williams and his current status with his ex-wife Adrianne, one thing is evident: Max Griffin values his role as a father and actively engages in his children’s lives.

On his social media platforms, he often shares photos and videos of his children, demonstrating his immense love and pride as a dedicated father.

Max Griffins’ dedication to his children is highly admirable, which complements his successful career as a mixed martial artist in the UFC.

He truly values being an involved parent; this commitment is a fundamental part of his life.

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