Who Are Marisa And Ryan Thompson? Tyrone Taylor Parents Age Gap And Family

With ongoing brilliant performance in recent matches, netizens are digging up more on Tyrone Taylor parents to know the player up close.

Tyrone Taylor, 29, is a famous American professional baseball outfielder player for the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

The same year, he debuted from the mini-league club called the Helena Brewers and played for the Arizona League Brewers.

He was ranked the second best by the sports enterprise ‘Baseball America’ in 2014.

Tyrone was in a lot of demand after his extraordinary play in the Colorado Springs Sky Sox in 2018, which led the Brewers to add him to their 40-man roster after the 2018 offseason.

He was promoted to the major leagues on 7th September 2019, by the Brewers. He played 22 games for the Brewers, hitting .237/.293/.500 with 2 home runs and 6 RBI in 38 at-bats in 2022.

Tyrone Taylor Parents Have A Huge Age Gap: Is Ryan His Biological Father?

Tyrone Taylor parents Ryan and Marisa, are often seen on the baseball player’s Instagram posts supporting their talented son on the grounds.

Despite not being the biological father, Ryan Thompson showers genuine love and admiration to Tyrone.

Furthermore, Ryan has been a strong pillar of support for Tyrone since he was a kid.

Marisa and Ryan found each other after Marisa’s divorce from Tyrone’s biological father. They later gave birth to Tyrone’s half-sister Madi after getting married.

There is a saying that after spending much time with a loved one, you start to resemble them.

Well, the saying is probably true in the case of Tyrone and his stepfather Ryan Thompson. They look almost identical.

Tyrone Taylor Parents
Tyrone Taylor Parents and sister are seen at his baseball match. (Source: Instagram)

The ‘identical’ appearance does not only come from the same hairstyle that they both rock, but it might also be because they share the same height and do not have as much age difference as Tyrone’s biological father.

Marisa and Ryan are one of those stereotype-breaking couples as Tyrone Taylor parents share a huge age gap where his mother is older than Ryan.

Tyrone does not call Ryan by the word ‘dad’ or ‘father,’ but he never forgets to post Ryan on his socials during Father’s Days.

The star baseball player and his stepfather seem to share a very wonderful bond.

On most occasions, they are always seen together with Marisa and the rest of the family.

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Are Tyrone And His Biological Father On Good Terms?

While Tyrone Taylor appears very close to his family and loves to spend time with them, his biological father’s side of the family is rarely there in the pictures.

This might be because Tyrone stayed with his mother after her divorce made him closer to his mom’s side.

People might speculate something wrong with Tyrone and his biological dad, but that is not the case.

He occasionally visits his biological father and stepmother and spends time with his other half-siblings.

Tyrone Taylor Family
Tyrone Taylor with his Family. (Source: Instagram)

A photo on his Instagram where he spends time with his mother, Marisa, stepmother, and biological father shows that he has a good relationship with both.

Tyrone Taylor is one lucky man to have not one but two sets of parents that love him so much. He lives a very simple life with his family, even after being such a big star in the baseball world.

The way he is so proud of his family and keeps them as his number one priority shows that he grew up in a very loving environment with a young stepfather to do sports with, a mom to look after him, and a sister to play with.

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