Who Is Liesl Soards,Tom Binns Wife? Wikipedia And Age

People are curious to know about Tom Binns wife Liesl Soards. A TV comedian, Tom Binns was not sentenced to prison despite having 35,000 photographs of child sex assault.

Tom Binns was nominated for the 2007 Edinburgh Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival for portraying hospital DJ Ivan Brackenbury. 

He has also appeared on the Channel 4 comedy IT Crowd and the BBC drama Spooks.

A comedian who participated in the eighth season of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown on Channel 4 and was discovered to have over 35,000 lewd photographs of minors was not sentenced to jail.

According to the Mirror, Christopher Thomas Binns, who was nominated for the 2007 Edinburgh Comedy Award at the festival, pleaded guilty to five counts of creating indecent photos of children and one count of possessing a forbidden image.

Thousands of photographs were discovered on the 53-year-old’s various devices, it was revealed before Derby Crown Court in November.


Judge Shaun Smith KC gave him a suspended sentence and a stay out of jail on Thursday. After this incident, people are keen to learn about Tom Binss wife. Read on to know more.

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Who Is Liesl Soards, Tom Binns Wife?

Tom is wed to radio producer Liesl Soards. Since Tom Binns wife, Liesl Soards, keeps her private affairs private, not much is known about her.

In 2005, Liesl and Tom Bins started dating. She can still clearly recall her fourth date with Cleethorpes, which occurred in September of that year. 

After six happy years of dating, the couple was married on October 2, 2011.

Tom Binns Wife
Tom Binns wife and their three kids. (Source: Facebook)

Liesl and Tom Bins are no longer dating, as far as we know. We do not, however, know whether the two have gone through the formal divorce procedure.

Liesl and Tom discussed earlier in the show how they lacked the time and planning abilities to file for divorce. 

The description states, “This is not a marriage; this is a hostage situation, and this podcast is your only opportunity to communicate.”

The word “wife” has also been removed from Liesl Soards’ social media biographies. The final item we looked at stated, “Mom and Radio Host.”

Wikipedia And Age Of Tom Binns Wife Liesl Soards

In 2023, Liesl Soards was 41 years old. Tom Bins, her spouse, is 12 years older than she is. On May 9, Liesl celebrates her birthday.

A radio personality is Liesl Soards. As of 2023, she has spent over four years working for the BBC, nearly eight years with Hallam FM & The Greatest Hits, and nearly 12 years with GMG.

She also owns Chaotic Mum Ltd, a private limited company founded in July 2021. Although she is famous, she doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

She acknowledged that her birthdays got worse every year on her 39th birthday. The Soards family has ten members in total, and her parents had eight kids together. 

This indicated that their finances were precarious, and what little money they did have was used to pay for their children’s education.

Tom Binns Wife
Liesl Soards worked as a radio producer. (Source: Facebook)

Sadly, Liesl’s parents are no longer with her. When she was 17 years old, her father, Arthur Ernest Soards, passed away, and in 2011, her mother, Marcia Soards, lost her fight with breast cancer.

Liesl recalled her great-mother and how she had extremely traditional views on raising children. 

She had always thought that a mother belonged at home, and if anyone had presented the absurd idea of leaving a newborn at home while you went to work, she would have been enraged.

She was very crazy. I’m sorry, I meant eccentric, like the neighbors and the police stated,” she said.

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