Who Is Makaia Kei Mariota, Marcus Mariota Daughter? Wiki And Age

Meet Marcus Mariota Daughter, and learn about the details of the adorable baby girl of the Mariota family.

An American football player Marcus Ardel Taulauniu Mariota primarily plays for the Philadelphia Eagles of the “National Football League” (NFL).

Twenty-nine years old Marcus Mariota played college football from 2011-2014 with Oregon. After that, in the 2015 NFL draft, he was drafted second overall by the Tennessee Titans.

Previously played for Las Vegas Raiders, and Atlanta Falcons, Marcus signed one year contract for Philadelphia Eagles on 20 March 2023.

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Who Is Makaia Kei Mariota, Marcus Mariota Daughter?

Makaia Kei Mariota is the auspicious firstborn of her father, Marcus Mariota, and mother, Kiyomi Cook Mariota.

Born on 7 December 2022, Makaia brought the utmost happiness in her parent’s life when she came into the world, Marcus and Kiyomi announced her arrival through an Instagram post.

The proud and delighted faces of Makaia Kei’s parents depict the great joy they feel after their precious daughter’s arrival. Eight months old, Makaia came as a ray of hope and blessing for her parents and the entire Mariota family.

In December 2022, Marcus was playing 2022 last season’s championship, and because of the injury during the games, he was benched and placed on injured reserve.

In such a hard time, baby girl Makaia Kei imparted a streak of relief for her father, Marcus, and an assuredness of comfort for her mother, Kiyomi.

Marcus Mariota Daughter
Marcus Mariota’s daughter Makaia Kei Mariota is the medium of happiness for her parents. (Source: Instagram)

New Born girl, Makaia’s adorable smile is enough to lighten up the gloomy days of her parents, and her angelic baby voice is the consolation tone for her father and mother.

Baby Makaia Kei Mariota is the dazzling emblem of her parents’ love. Her round face and dark brown eyes vaguely represent similar facial features to those of her father and mother.

The joy that Marcus and Kiyomi Mariota adore now is their love and affection for their precious daughter for the rest of her days.

Surely, baby Makaia Kei will grow up with tons of affection and warmth from her parents and family, and she is going to be brought up as a fine and confident lady.

Makaia Kei Mariota Family Ethnicity And Details

Makaia Kei is born to the Mariota family as the grand daughter of Alana Deppe and Toa Mariota.

Her grandparents are of mixed nationality; her grandfather was of Samoan descent or Polynesian, and her granny is of German descent. Thus,  Makaia Kei is going to get exposure to different ethnic cultures.

Similarly, her mother, Kiyomi Mariota, is of Hawaiian heritage. So, the newly born girl of the family will be proficient in diverse cultures and will grow up experiencing different ethnic practices.

Makaia Kei is dearest to her grandparents and has already gotten special love and affection from them. The treatment of the first-born grandchild of her paternal grandparent is special.

Marcus Mariota Daughter
Marcus Mariota is the precious grandchild of her grandmother and a lovely girl for the family. (Source: Instagram)

Nowadays, Makaia Kei Mariota is frequent on the Instagram stories of her Uncle Matt Mariota. He posts pictures of his niece day-to-day. 

It won’t be wrong to say that he is niece-fool, the same abbreviation as Daughter-fool, a father who loves his daughter beyond the limit.

Moreover, Makaia Kei also seems comfortable and happy whenever she is with her uncle Matt. 

Marcus Mariota Daughter
The collection of Makaia Kei Mariota’s pictures on her uncle’s Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

More family moments of Mariota’s family with the baby girl are yet to come, and Marcus Mariota’s fans will see Makaia Kei growing up right in front of their eyes.

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