Who Is Shy Glizzy Son Zeke? Family Details

Meet Shy Glizzy Son, Zeke, and get to know the details about the popular rapper’s ex-girlfriend Blaidy, or more possibly, the mother of Zeke.

Marquis Amonte King, better known by his stage names Jefe and Shy Glizzy, is an American rapper popular among the younger artist and rapper community.

His journey in music is unprecedented and astonishing. Initially, he wanted to write a book after getting inspiration from the book, but later, his words and works turned into songs.

The unique sound of music that Glizzy uses in his songs is the hip-hop blend with funk music with rhythms is most popular among music critics.

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Who Is Shy Glizzy Son Zeke? Wiki And Age

Popular rapper Shy Glizzy is the father of a seven-year-old son, Zeke. Thirty-year-old Shy Glizzy became a father in 2016 to a beautiful and adorable baby boy, Zeke.

Zeke is famous among Glizzy’s fans for being a young, stylish guy like his father, Shy. Fans often called him Mini Glizzy.

The rapper considers that the best blessing he has received till now is his son, who came to him during the hardest time of his life.

Zeke turned seven years old in 2023 and is attending an elementary school near his residence in Southeast Washington, DC. Zeke’s popularity is widespread in his school, and his sense of fashion is exceptional.

Shy Glizzy Son
American rapper Shy Glizzy is a father to his seven years old son, Zeke. (Source: Instagram)

Like his father, Zeke is also a young fashion boy. On the Instagram post of Father Shy Glizzy, we can take a glimpse at the photos. From them, we can easily predict that the father-son duo of Shy and Zeke is lovely.

Despite being a single parent- Shy mentioned in the podcast with Expeditously, that he is doing his utmost effort and work to give the best for his loving son.

Shy and his son Zeke are often seen in the arcade, in children’s parks, and on a family vacation of two. He usually updates their information on social media.

Shy Glizzy’s son, Zeke, has the same vibes as his rapper father. It can be said that Shy Glizzy, a.k.a. Jefe, is assisting in developing and polishing his expertise in music.

Shy Glizzy Family Details: Parents And Siblings

Shy Glizzy was born on December 12, 1992, in Southeast Washington, D.C, to his parents.

His childhood memories are precious to him, including the moments with his mother and younger brother.

His relationship with his mother is special, as she holds a respectful position in his heart. Shy once mentioned that with the help and support of his mother, he has been able to break down the cycle of family indigency.

Shy Glizzy Son
Shy Glizzy is a proud son to his mother. (Source: Instagram)

Shy was brought up with the sole parenting of his mother, as his parents divorced when Shy was small and his younger brother was just born.

Shy Glizzy’s younger brother -3 Glizzy is also a rapper and has written wonderful songs, which include Me Too, Hamilton, Consistency, and Money On My Head.

In 2018, Glizzy was once sentenced to several months in prison for money larceny and, released from jail in 2019. Since then, he is producing music solely in collaboration with his elder brother, Shy Glizzy.

Shy Glizzy is not so fortunate when it comes to his love life. His long-term accusation of his ex-girlfriend, Amaya Colon, is known to many. Finally, after months of court encounters, Shy Glizzy cleared the charges in July 2023.

Simultaneously, the relationship with his previous girlfriend, Blaidy, ended in bitterness.

Shy Glizzy Son
Shy Glizzy and his ex-girlfriend Blaidy attended the 2018 grammy awards. (Source: Getty)

Moreover, Blaidy and Shy were in a relationship at the end of 2018, which they started in early 2015. Thus, fans often speculate that Shy Glizzy’s son, Zeke, is more likely to be the son of Blaidy and Shy Glizzy.

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