Inmate To Roommate Where Are They Now?

Inmates to Roommates was premiered on August 18, 2023 on A&E Television network
Inmates to Roommates was premiered on August 18, 2023 on A&E Television network( Source :

Inmate to Roommate cast members are now living a lowkey life with their families. Bill, however, has appeared on other television shows as well.

It is a reality docuseries of the A&E network, the series was produced by Sharp Entertainment and premiered on August 18, 2022.

This is a docuseries about released prisoners who move into ordinary people’s homes. The show featured 8 ordinary people and their time with the ex-prisoners.

At first, everything seems fine between the two parties, however, as time passes they begin having problems with each other.

It was good to see them resolving the fights and trying to work beyond their comfort zone, every family as well as the inmate, tried their best to stay together in the house.

There are similar shows available on Netflix like 60 Days In, you can also watch another series Love after lockup on the We Tv network.

Inmate To Roommate Where Are They Now?

Inmate To Roommate cast have now completed their sentence and stay as regular civilians of the country. The cast member includes Bill Steel, Darquavion, Arielle, Nick, and Jovan. 


Certain time of their life outside the prison was documented by the A&E television network where they tried to manage their completely new life with the people who agreed to give them a place to stay.

The cast members of the reality show are now living their life on their own, some are active on social media while some tried to stay away and lowkey.

Bill Steel


Bill from Inmate to Roommate is currently living in New York, USA, with his fiance Mary Steel. He is running his youtube channel where he talks with people and exposes the crime.

He is also a successful true crime author and has published four books in a row and also advocates for victims who were wrongfully convicted in prison.

Bill’s real name is William Steel and his recently released book is getting praise from the critics as well as the new documentary named Filthy Rich related to his book is coming on Netflix on November 25, 2023.

After he completed his prison sentence, he went to live in Elkhart, Indiana with Mark and Sharna Oliphant but things did not turn out as planned and he got out of their place with dissatisfaction.



Darquavion Inmate to Roommate is currently living in Northville, Michigan. He has maintained a lowkey lifestyle after the reality show and is not available on social media.

The ex-inmate went to live with Dr. Henry in Northville. He had completed his 7 years of prison sentence and was ready to embrace his new life.

Dr. Henry Inmate to Roommate was a 68 years old child psychiatrist; he was living alone after separation from his wife and looked quite excited to welcome Darquavion into his home and life.

The ex-inmate used to be patient of Dr. Henry and he helped him after his sentence but we clearly saw that Darquavion was having a hard time adjusting.



Arielle Inmate to Roommate is currently living in Savannah, Georgia. She moved to Georgia on February 8, 2023, and is active on her social media.

After release from prison, she went to live with Tiffane in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tiffane was an entrepreneur who ran online clothing online boutique.

Arielle wanted to grow and become independent, so that is the reason why she chose to live with Tiffane instead of her own family.

But just like other inmates and roommates, they also did not get along together for much time. They ended up having arguments and dissatisfaction with each other.


Nick Inmate to Roommate went to live with Kyle and Sandra in St. Charles, Missouri. Nick was 30 years old and served 2.5 years in prison for stealing and possessing substances.


Everyone was excited to embark new journey together, helping each other but things did not really work out as planned, and both of them were in disagreement.

Also, Nick was not trying hard to get his life together and did things without thinking about the future.


Jovan from Inmate to Roommate moved with Artie in Cleveland, Ohio after coming out of prison. He was sentenced to three years in prison for charges of substance trafficking.


The roommate Artie wanted to help him get back to his feet as she also served the life inside prison, and she knew that coming out from that life was not easy.

As of now, there is no proper information found about Jovan’s whereabouts, he was having a separation from his wife during the telecast.


Roommate to Inmate Aaron went to live with 70 years old Robert in Dillwyn, Virginia. He wanted to live a peaceful life and needed a roommate for himself.

While Aaron was 41 years old, he served a 5-year sentence in Coastal State Prison for racketeering, identity theft, and forgery of a credit card.

Aaron was sure from the very beginning that he was not going to have a good relationship with Robert but wanted to try from his side.

How Much Does Inmate To Roommate Pay?

As per ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a reality tv show cast member is $32 per hour. They may also get paid on an episode basis of the show.

The salary of the cast hugely determines by the type of television show, channel network, paying structure, and popularity of the cast member of the show.

Nobody from the production team or the television network has given any statement regarding their payment structure to the cast members.

According to one Reddit discussion over documentary cast member payment, one user said that they don’t make much money and end up getting minimal compensation.


The similar reality show of A&E Television Network 60 Days In cast members earn $3000 per episode according to one of the Reddit users who claimed to work there.

And the recent season of the show which is season 6 telecasted 18 episodes, which means the cast member potentially got paid around $54000.

However, the structure of the payment is not confirmed by the production team or the television network about any of the reality shows that are made under the banner of the A&E network.

So, we can assume that the cast member of this new reality television docuseries Inmate To Roommate also gets paid similarly to the 60 Day In cast members.

Another reality television show Love After Lockup is also related to the prisoners who are said to pay $250 per day and get paid $2,000 per episode as per The Things.

Moreover, MTV’s The Challenge cast got paid $1,000 per week according to US Weekly. Meanwhile, The Bachelor television show does not pay money to any of its contestants.

Will There Be Season 2 Of Inmate To Roommate?

Inmate to Roommate Season 2 renewal information is not given yet by the production team as of August 2023, but there is a probability of a new season.

During the first season, most of the viewers were drawn to Bill Steel and his host’s life. They really think that Bill is a nice person but he couldn’t have grown up with that family.

While some of them think that Darquavian is a particularly rude and immature person, they think he lacks the fundamental entitlement to live together in society.

And most of the viewers were extremely happy to see that people were helping the inmates to clear their deeds and help to adapt to the society structure.


The audience of this show is excited to see the new casting and the new drama and chaos they create while trying to live a regular civilian life.

Fans have been demanding the renewal of the show for a long and they also want to know what the previous cast members are up to and about their status.

They are flooding Twitter asking about the possible release date of season 2 of the show, and some of them are even ready to host the prisoners.

According to one comment, the new season is getting hold because the ex-prisoners are finding it hard time to get a house and someone to host them.

Per the Twitter thread, some of the viewers find the inmates strange, loud, and misbehaved, while some saw great potential in them and were not getting enough space for themselves.


Similar to this, there is a trend going on TikTok where random people share clips of the series and give their opinion about the particular host or person.

The A&E television also posted a few clips of the show on TikTok, it instantly went viral, and the users were concerned about the civilian’s as well as Inmate’s safety.

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