Where Is The Cowboy Way Alabama Filmed?

The Cowboy Way is an INSP original reality series featuring three modern-day cowboys, (from left) Booger Brown, Cody Harris, and Bubba Thompson
The Cowboy Way is an INSP original reality series featuring three modern-day cowboys, (from left) Booger Brown, Cody Harris, and Bubba Thompson( Source :

The Cowboy Way Alabama is filmed in Robertsdale and Geneva, Alabama. Robertsdale is nestled in the heart of Baldwin County.

INSP’s original reality series, The Cowboy Way, made its debut on January 17, 2016. The inaugural season comprised ten episodes, culminating with the final episode airing on December 7, 2017.

The series originally aired on the INSP TV network in the United States. Following its linear run, it was available streaming on Amazon Prime from July 16, 2016.

In November 2019, Roku added the first five seasons of the series on its streaming platform. Season 7, comprising 12 episodes, aired from July 29, 2020, to October 14, 2020.

The series follows three modern-day cowboys, Booger, Cody, and Bubba, as they build their cattle business, breaking horses, and herding cattle. It showcases their strict codes of practice.

The cowboys live by a code that is as important to them as it was to those who tamed the West.

Where Is The Cowboy Way Alabama Filmed?

The Cowboy Way Alabama is filmed in and around Baldwin County, specifically Robertsdale. Filming also took place in Geneva, where two of the cast members live.

Robertsdale is a beautiful city in Baldwin County, Alabama, which includes the community of Ronsinton. The Cowboy Way’s Cody Harris lives near Robertsdale with his wife, Misty, and their son.

The pair are Alabama Farmers Federation members and are involved in raising cattle, training horses, and producing rodeos.

‘We’ve been doing a lot of filming and we’re hoping that we are going to be a part of the network for years to come,” Harris said before the Season 1 premiere.

Much of Season 1 was filmed around Baldwin County, particularly Robertsdale which, a rodeo champion Harris said was a great opportunity for him to give back to his hometown.

The Cowboy Way Alabama is filmed in and around Baldwin County, specifically Robertsdale
The Cowboy Way Alabama is filmed in and around Baldwin County, specifically Robertsdale( Source :

While filming, the crew was responsible for providing meals to about 20 people, and Harris, as a proud resident of Robertsdale, made sure they patronize local businesses and restaurants.

“I do love Robertsdale and want to do whatever I can to give back to the community,” he expressed passionately.

Harris co-stars in the series with two Geneva County cowboys, Chris “Booger” Brown and Bubba Thompson.

Booger and his family reside in Samson, a city in Geneva County, Alabama. Bubba, who used to live in Geneva County alongside his family, has since relocated to Cullman County, Alabama.

In the seventh season, the three cowboys reunited to enhance their business by forming partnerships with cattlemen from large-scale operations in Florida and Alabama.

They worked tirelessly to buy, raise, and haul cattle back and forth across state lines. They amassed the business opportunity in South Florida through Brown’s connection.

Meet The Cast Of The Cowboy Way Alabama 

The Cowboy Way Alabama cast includes Cody Harris, Booger Brown, and Bubba Thompson. The show follows the adventures of these modern-day cowboys in Alabama.

Cody Harris

The Harris family celebrating Mother's Day in May 2022; Cody and Misty pictured with their two little nuggets
The Harris family celebrating Mother’s Day in May 2022; Cody and Misty pictured with their two little nuggets( Source :

Harris is a celebrated rodeo champion and cattle dealer from Robertsdale. He and his wife, Misty, a champion barrel racer, are well-known personalities on the rodeo circuit.

A pro-rodeo athlete, he has won several calf-roping championships. Now retired from the competition, the rancher keeps his hand in the competition as a rodeo producer.

Cody’s annual “Bulls on the Beach” is held each September on the Florida-Alabama border and is considered one of the most popular rodeo events in the country.

He is also the author of “My World Is My Bond,” which is available on Amazon. The book is a great way of saying, “Anybody can be a cowboy as long as you have the heart of the one.”

The cowboy is no stranger to reality TV as he was a cast member of Sweet Home Alabama Season 1 in 2011.

Married to his long-time girlfriend, Misty, the pair share two sons.

After giving birth to their first son, Carter, Misty decided to make a career change. She left her nursing job and launched her own business “Full Moon Cattle Company” with her spouse.

Booger Brown

Booger enjoying an
Booger enjoying an “Afternoon Can-Am ride” with his family in Geneva County( Source :

Brown is a 5th generation cowboy, a rancher, and a horseman. He is the owner of Booger Brown Cattle and Performance Horses.

Growing up on the family farm, he has been a teacher his entire life. He is also a renowned horse trainer whose instincts allow him to think like a horse.

He has a cheerful personality and is often quick to joke around with his friends.

After experiencing a series of “adventures” in dating, which included an unsuccessful online match, Booger finally found his match when he met Jaclyn on a blind date arranged by Misty and Cody.

Their wedding was featured in the second season in 2018. The pair are the proud parents of a son named Matthew and a daughter named Clara Cassidy.

Matthew, born in 2014, is the son of Jaclyn and her late husband. As for Clara, she was born on February 1, 2023, and is the only child of Brown and her.

Bubba Thompson

Thompson and his family on 2023 Easter;
Thompson and his family on 2023 Easter; “Happy Easter from the Thompson Family!” he wrote on Instagram( Source :

Born on September 28, 1981, Bubba Thompson is 41 years old. His net worth stands around $1 million, as a skilled carpenter, industrious rancher, and reality TV star.

Prior to appearing on The Cowboy Way, the rancher won the hearts of women on the southern-style dating show Sweet Home Alabama in its third season.

His integrity, respect for women, and manners earned him the runner-up spot. In September 2015, he married his true love, Kaley.

Kaley comes from a well-established Mississippi family. She loves to fish, ride horses, and help her husband around the ranch.

The pair are the proud parents of two children -daughter Andie Faith Thompson (born November 24, 2016) and son Ripp Walker Thompson (born February 1, 2020).

Thompson is the owner of Faith Cattle Company in South Alabama.

Will There Be A Season 8 Of The Cowboy Way Alabama?

The Cowboy Way Channel confirmed that there were no plans for The Cowboy Way Alabama Season 8. The final episode (S7 E12) aired on October 14, 2020.

Prior to the Season 7 premiere, Harris had emphasized that the fate of Season 8 would largely depend on the fan’s response.

“Generally, they base that decision on the ratings. So far, our ratings have been good, but we’ll just have to wait and see how this season goes,” the rancher said.

He expressed his desire to continue if the viewership remains consistent, stating, “If people keep watching, I want to keep doing it.”

Despite his hopes, it seems that things did not unfold as expected.

The picture featuring Harris and Brown from INSP's The Cowboy Way Alabama
The picture featuring Harris and Brown from INSP’s The Cowboy Way Alabama( Source :

Following the airing of the final episode, the Cowboy Way Channel took to its social media account to express gratitude to the cowboys for sharing their lives with the viewers.

Subsequently, concerned fans expressed their uncertainty about whether the show would return for an eighth season.

One curious fan wrote, “Was that the last episode for this year or forever?” To which the channel responded, “There are no plans for a Season 8.”

The Cowboy Way Alabama is available to watch on Hoopla, Pure Flix, or for free with ads on Peacock, The Roku Channel, Freevee, and Tubi TV. You can also buy it as a download on Amazon Video.

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