1899 season 2 and 5 Netflix series seasons that should have happened

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As much as we would have liked to see 1899 season 2, Santa Clarita Diet season 4, and so many other seasons of Netflix shows we loved, sometimes we can’t always get what we want. Unfortunately, Netflix and other networks tend to cancel some of the best shows we would rather not see fade into pop culture oblivion.

Across its decade-plus of making original content, Netflix has axed its fair share of shows that people love, so much so that it’s impossible to gather every single show that should have had a season or two more. Dozens of titles should have gotten to tell their full stories, and we’re spotlighting a handful of those titles.

1899 season 2 and more Netflix seasons that should have happened

Which Netflix shows shouldn’t have been canceled and had more seasons? We’re sharing six Netflix seasons that should have happened, beginning below with 1899 season 2.

1899 season 2

In November 2022, Netflix released the German period sci-fi mystery series 1899. The first season, which would become the show’s sole season, contained eight episodes. Even though the show appeared to be received well and put up some impressive viewership numbers, Netflix announced the show’s cancellation in January 2023.

The series came from the creators of Dark, another twisty show that was a favorite among binge-watchers, and 1899 had a similar response. Following its cancellation, fans and critics alike decried Netflix’s constant stream of cancellations, which left far too many shows incomplete and aggravated viewers who invested their time in binge-watching new shows.

1899′s cancellation appeared to have been influenced by the show’s high budget, and though fans had hoped that Netflix would somehow finish the story, there has been no word about a continuation as of August 2023, seemingly leaving 1899 season 2 (or anything else) a pipe dream. There’s no question this is one of the most-wanted Netflix seasons and will be forever.

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