How many episodes are in The Upshaws part 4?

The Upshaws part 4 is on the way and with it, comes some of your favorite characters from the very beginning.

This feel good comedy gives you a light-hearted modern family who are working hard to be the best of what they’ve got — each other. Throughout their ups and downs and their moments of weakness and strengths, they learn that as long as they have each other, there’s nothing they can’t face. This sentiment can be seen in the latest installment, part 3.

Of course, you can expect part 4 of The Upshaws to have all new drama, laughs, and fun times. But before you do catch the upcoming season, we want to tell you all about how many episodes you can expect for your binge!

Here’s everything to know about how many episodes are slated to be in The Upshaws part 4.

The Upshaws part 4 episode count

We have good and bad news on how many episodes we can expect out of this season. As of the release on Aug. 17 (the good news), we can confirm that there are only six episodes in this fourth part (the bad news). The past two parts each had eight episodes, while the first had 10. However, the duration of each episode remains the same, around 30 minutes long or less.

With this show being as popular as it is now, it’s also possible for Netflix to order even more episodes (and make them even longer). Only time will tell, though!

As we wait to learn more about The Upshaws part 4, be sure to check out the official trailer below to get a glimpse of everything you can expect.

That’s right! Part 4 is now available to watch, so be sure to check out the highly anticipated premiere beginning on Thursday, Aug. 17, only on Netflix! And stay tuned with to Netflix Life for all the latest of your favorite Netflix originals.

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