How to make $150 a day on TikTok Today – Just follow these steps

Another way to make money from TikTok videos is by collecting "tips".

Imagine this scenario: TikTok, the immensely popular app designed for sharing short video clips, boasts a staggering user base of over 1 billion active monthly users. To put this into perspective, the average TikTok enthusiast checks the app an astonishing eight times a day, collectively spending approximately 95 captivating minutes engrossed in its engaging content.

Now, here’s where the excitement kicks in – this highly engaged user community presents a golden opportunity for savvy individuals with substantial followings to generate significant income.

Adam Enfroy, a seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in helping people build their online presence, highlights the power of short-form content. It’s consumed at lightning speed compared to traditional videos, resulting in a significantly higher volume of video views and follower growth. This inherent speediness makes TikTok a treasure trove for those looking to make money, thanks to the rapid increase in views and followers.

When it comes to making money on TikTok, the options are as diverse as they are promising. You can delve into selling sponsored content, promote your own products or services, encourage donations from your enthusiastic audience, or tap into the app’s built-in income-generating features. The possibilities are endless!

Below, we will explore these points in detail to help you maximize your income potential on TikTok:

  • Promote sponsored content.
  • Use short videos to advertise products.
  • Leverage the Creator Fund.
  • Use Live Gifting to request donations.
  • Collaborate with influencers to promote your goods or services.

Promote sponsored content.

Unraveling the world of sponsorship deals on TikTok is similar to embarking on a thrilling adventure. Picture this: partnering with major brands and turning your passion into profit. However, before you dive headfirst into this exciting journey, there’s groundwork to be done.

Building your TikTok audience is your first epic quest. It’s a quest that demands dedication, creativity and a sprinkle of TikTok magic. To set the stage, you’ll need to post frequently – multiple times a day – to keep your audience engaged and entertained. And, of course, stay in tune with the ever-evolving TikTok trends and new features; they’re like treasure maps leading you to success.

Now, here’s the golden rule: audience size matters. While some experts suggest a minimum of 10,000 followers to start pitching potential sponsors, remember, the sky’s the limit. The more followers you have, the higher your chances of catching the eye of those coveted sponsorship deals.

Adam Enfroy, our wise guide in this adventure, highlights an important secret. TikTok’s ad revenue per thousand impressions (RPMs) is relatively low – around 2 to 4 cents per 1,000 views. So, instead of relying solely on ad revenue, it’s wiser to focus on amassing a dedicated following. By doing so, you’re not just building an audience; you’re creating a community that welcomes sponsored content with open arms.

Use Short Videos to Market Your Products

Another fantastic avenue on TikTok for promoting your products is by utilizing the charm of short-form videos. These bite-sized video clips typically span one to three minutes in length, and they pack quite a punch when it comes to capturing your audience’s attention.

Take a cue from Enfroy and his team, who make it a daily ritual to share these concise yet engaging videos. Their content shines a spotlight on their profound knowledge in online entrepreneurship and showcases their business software on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Their mission? To not just introduce their brand but to ignite interest and inspire people to invest in their business software solutions.

The outcome? According to Enfroy, it’s been nothing short of remarkable. By leveraging the power of short-form content, their digital sales have soared, and their brand has flourished. It’s proof that in the world of TikTok, short and sweet can lead to substantial success!

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Join the TikTok Creator Fundup

Users with a “creator” account on TikTok can monetize their profiles by applying for a share of the company’s Creator Fund. However, there are certain steps creators must take before they can join the program and start earning money through the platform.

Participants in the Creator Fund receive monetary compensation based on the level of user engagement with their content.

The process of gaining access to the Creator Fund is not a hidden secret; TikTok users must proactively apply for it. Like any journey, there are specific requirements that need to be met. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have accumulated a following of at least 10,000 followers. Additionally, their videos must collectively garner 100,000 views within a 30-day period, among other criteria.

However, it’s worth noting that while the Creator Fund presents an opportunity, it may not be the most lucrative one in terms of earnings. Some creators have found that it results in only a few cents for every thousand views, which can be somewhat puzzling considering the effort invested in creating engaging content.

Ask for Donations With Live Gifting

Tiktok gift images

Here’s an exciting feature on TikTok: you have the ability to directly connect with your audience and politely request their support through donations. This is made possible through TikTok’s Live Gifts feature, which enables you to interact with your viewers in real-time during your live streams.

Here’s the interesting part: the contributions you receive will be in the form of virtual coins, generously chosen by your viewers. These virtual coins can later be converted into real currency after going through a few additional steps in the process. While it might not lead to instant wealth, it’s certainly another avenue to boost your earnings and thrive even more on the platform.

Engage Influencers to Promote Your Services and Products

Even if you’re not a TikTok expert, there’s a fantastic opportunity to tap into the platform’s lucrative potential by collaborating with influencers. Whether it’s partnering with a single influencer or engaging in collaborations with multiple influencers, this strategy enables you to effectively market your products and services. Essentially, if you have something valuable to offer, consider enlisting the help of TikTok’s influencer community to harness their influence and promotional expertise.

This approach, of course, requires strong networking skills. As smartly highlighted by Adam Enfroy, TikTok provides an ideal platform for e-commerce brands seeking to enhance brand visibility and collaborate with influencers to showcase their products. It’s a dynamic platform where the synergy between creators and brands can lead to remarkable outcomes.


When it comes to making money on the TikTok platform, all you need to do is to be smart and realistic. One way you can easily make quick dollars is to copy what others are doing and add a little spice to it. If a particular style is not working for you, do not give up, change till you get that which fits you and makes you money daily. It is all about hard work and consistency.

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